How To Play Fish Table Online Five Dragon Fishing

Five Dragon Fishing is one of the hottest fish table games in the betting market today. – a reputable, quality and reliable online casino now offers Five Dragon Fishing with many different bet levels. What are the advantages of this game? Why is Five Dragon Fishing so attractive?

Five Dragon Fishing

What Is Five Dragon Fishing ?

Five Dragon Fishing appeared in the summer of 2020. The game has many special features such as free trial participation, no need to shoot bosses, you can still receive a bonus of 100X. In addition, the game is also equipped with many types of large explosive bullets to help you shoot big fish more simply

In this game, if you want to shoot down sea creatures, players can take advantage of ammunition such as guns, bullets and cannons. Besides, players can also upgrade the number of bullets fired 4 times faster than normal fish shooting.

With an eye-catching interface and great bonuses, players can rest assured to choose Five Dragon Fishing at our website. Mobile versions are IOS, Android and on computers ready to help players experience the most exciting online fish table game our website.

Types Of Bet Of Five Dragon Fishing

  • Newbie: 01. – 10/ 1 bullet, suitable for beginners, the simplest level.
  • Expert: 1-100/ one bullet, players have experienced through fish table game.
  • 5 Dragons: 10-100/one bullet, players have a lot of experience, master fish hunting in the ocean.

Players do not forget that: each bullet is purchased with real money, so players must learn and use real bullets properly, avoiding wasting bullets.

Rules Of  Fish Five Dragons

  • The game is suitable for multiplayer, the direction of the bullet depends on the gun the player controls.
  • If bullets hit the wall immediately bounce back towards the targeted target.
  • Each player at the start of the fish table game will own 10 bullets. Depending on the rank of each player, the weapon the player owns, and the ammo will have different bets.
  • The bullets fired do not change even if the player adjusts the cannon.

Features Of Game

Dragons bonus

  • Dragons Bonus is continuously activated until the player wins the game over the course of the game.
  • By clicking “Yellow Diamond” in the bonus game section, players can win with multipliers up to 36x. Besides, there are red dragon ball, green dragon ball, green dragon ball, purple dragon ball, white dragon ball.
  • If the player collects 2 holy gems at any dragon throne, the game is over. The player has a chance to collect the throne if the dragon ball appears.
  • The player bet can be doubled to 1800x if the player collects 4 holy pearls and 5 dragons at the same time.
  • The bonus levels of 5 dragon thrones are: White Dragon: 5x, Blue Dragon: 10x, Golden Dragon: 15x, Red Dragon: 12x, Blue Dragon: 8x

Shark Mouth Cannon

  • If this symbol appears in the game, the player is awarded 5 times the bet of the bullet. Also players can get 30 more bullets for free.
  • The player has a chance to get a multiplier from 2 to 5x randomly if the player catches fish with a multiplier of 10 or less.

Depth Charge Bullets

In the game, if the player encounters this symbol, the player will receive a bonus of 5 times the bet of the bullet. Besides, the system also promotes 30 Depth Charge Bullets

If the player wants to capture on the display, the player can simply click on any shark that the player likes.

Weapon Bonus

If the player uses the Depth Charge Bullets to capture the Shark Mouth Cannon, the player receives a bonus 25 times the bullet’s stake.

Players receive a bonus of 15 times the bullet bet in case the player wins the Shark Mouth Cannon.

5 Dragons Inspection

Giant Dragon can appear at any time and check the ocean randomly. If the player catches the Giant dragon, the player can get a multiplier between 50 and 500 times.

Golden Anglerfish

If a yellow ball or a blue ball appears, the Golden Anglerfish is present. And the player’s chances of getting a bonus increase by 300 times for each ball.


Fire Fish goby2xViolet Puffer15xShark Mouth Cannon5x
Clownfish3xSwordfish20xWhite Dragon 50x -500x
Pomfret4xJellyfish40xBlue Dragon50x -500x
Puffer5xShark60xGreen Dragon50x -500x
Arowana6xSnails80Red Dragon50x -500x
Blue tang7xPearly100xYellow Dragon50x -500x
Seahorse8xBig Clownfish20x – 50xDragon BallUp to 1800x
Cuttle9xBig Butterfish20x – 50xGolden Anglerfish15x- 300x
Turtle10xBig Puffer20x – 50x

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Five Dragon Fishing

How To Play Five Dragon Fish

  • Step 1: Login to account

Players access the official account on, if they do not have an account, the player registers according to the instructions of the customer service staff by live chat or Whatsapp.

  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account

Players deposit money into the “Main Wallet” then transfer to the Fish game betting fund

Transfer money to completed -> select Wallet -> choose to transfer the main fund to the Fish Game fund.

  • Step 3: Search for the game and choose the door to join

At Our App => Fish Game -> Five Dragons Fishing.

Next, choose the corresponding door including: Newbie, Expert or 5 Dragons.

  • Step 4: Start playing

At the official interface of this arowana shooting game, players will choose the appropriate weapon and ammunition. Then, win the target and destroy the fish on the screen.

There are + and – buttons on the sides of the gun, which the player can use to increase and decrease the ammo level.

In addition, players also have the option to add two free features, Auto and Aim.


If players want to join Five Dragon Fishing, players only need to refer to the instructions below. At Our Website, there are many other equally attractive games, as long as the player likes it, We will accompany the player during the betting period.