Top 5 Most Trending Online Fish Table Game At US

Online Fish Tables is a familiar game that has a large number of players. Ever since the fish table game market came into existence, it has taken a place for itself and is growing day by day. Here is a summary of the most popular online fish table games today. If players are interested, please follow the article below with the system.

Fishing War

Fishing War is a new variation of the online shooting fish game. This game is provided by the big publisher Spade Gaming- very famous in the Chinese market in particular and Asia in general.

Players when participating in Fishing War will be transformed into a pirate. The player’s task is to go out with his teammates, hunt fish and search for treasures in the ocean.

Fishing War has a beautiful interface, the blue color looks very cool with many fish species. Especially the appearance of special fish such as mermaids, sharks, golden turtles, and giant octopus bring great profits to players. Fishing War will be an extremely ideal game for those who love to hunt, explore the world and find many new things.

Caishen Fishing

Caishen Fishing is a real money online fish table game that is storming the market today. Caishen Fishing describes the vast ocean world with a variety and abundance of marine life. The reason the game attracts a lot of players is because of the following advantages:

  • Beautiful interface, 3D graphics create a realistic feeling like a miniature ocean.
  • Full of many unique features.
  • Every day the game has different tasks so it is not boring during the game.
  • How to play the game is simple, the possibility of winning is high.
  • Many levels for players to choose from.
  • The stakes are not too large, enabling many players to participate.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon appeared with the first version at launched few ago year. This game used to resonate for a while because of its fun, great level of attraction. Later, when it appeared with the online version, Golden Dragon made a name for itself in the betting market. Golden Dragon possesses beautiful 3D graphics, realistic images for players to feel like playing fish at a shop fish shooting machine. When participating in the game, the player is given a gun, and a certain amount of coins to use, catch fish and conquer the ocean.

Golden Dragon owns many special fish species, there are up to 5 types of horrible bosses drawn in a classic and close style. Along with that are 10 different types of fish guns, making it easy to hunt fish. A special feature is the lock of the mermaid, the lock of the golden fish, the golden dragon, the super jar that never misses. In addition, bosses appear continuously every hour to help fish hunters not to be missed.

Fishing God

Fishing God is a game developed from the traditional version, with the appearance of 41 golden dragon bosses, and many types of VIP fish. Fishing God is built by vivid, beautiful 3D images, many reward events take place every day. Players participating in Fishing God guarantee to take on missions every day, hunting for a lot of fish. The amount the player wins depends on the number of fish caught.

More specifically, over time, players are given extra coins. Time to exchange rewards with fast speed, hit the fish in less than 3 seconds, the player has already received the bonus into their account.

How to play is as simple as other online fish games. In this colorful ocean, players can show off their best skills in combination with a variety of +/- tank guns to shoot down the most stubborn fish.

Ammo level can be adjusted from 100-1000, new features of this game are also updated regularly. The community of players is also growing rapidly with a large number of hunting gamers, from which players can make friends, get acquainted and exchange experiences for each other to hunt more fish.

Provider of shooting magic fish with many different versions running on multiple platforms Computer, Mobile, Tablet. The origin of the publisher is China where the cradle of so many games that it is impossible to count. To be able to participate in shooting fish, players can download the game to register to create an account and then play.

Five Dragon Fishing

Five Dragon Fishing is an online fish game with the appearance of 5 dragons. The game launched in the summer of 2020, received a large response from the betting community. Five Dragon Fishing possesses many unique features, such as free participation, high rewards up to 100x. In addition, the game is equipped with many types of large explosive bullets to help you shoot big fish more simply.

When participating in Five Dragon Fishing, if players want to shoot down sea creatures, players can take advantage of ammunition such as guns, bullets and cannons. Besides, players can also upgrade the number of bullets fired 4 times faster than normal fish shooting.

Five Dragon Fishing has both iOS, Android and computer mobile versions ready to help players have the best experience.


Above is information about the top 5 most popular online shooting fish games today. If you are a fan of fish table games online, you cannot ignore the games listed above. Our website provides a full range of games that players love, we hope players will have a great experience.