XocDia Online

At bookmakers, in addition to games about Live casino, slot games or fish table games online, players can also participate in other betting products derived from traditional games. One of the attractive and interesting games from the traditional version to the online version is “Xoc Dia”. The way to participate is both simple and high reward.

The following article will guide players how to join “Xoc Dia” online!

What Is Xoc Dia Online?

“Xoc Dia” is a very popular traditional game in the Asian market. This game uses 4 coins with two different sides, players participating will bet on the available bet types. If the player’s selection matches the outcome of the bet, the player wins.

The Rules Of Betting “Xoc Dia”

When players start betting, there will be levels for players to choose from. Each tier will have a different bet limit

  • Level 1: Bet limit from 1 to 2000.
  • Level 2: Between 5 and 5000 is the player’s bet limit.
  • Level 3: The allowed bet is 10 to 10,000

Types of bets on the table will be displayed and the player will choose the appropriate bet type (The necessary equipment is bowl and plate).

Before the betting time runs out, the player can choose any form of bet.

If the bowl is open, the player’s chosen result matches the displayed coin result and the player wins.

Types Of Betting 
Even/OddThe coins have: Odd: 3 Red 1 White, 3 White 1 RedEven: 4 Red, 4 White, 2 White 2 Red. 
Over/UnderOver: 4 Red, 3 Red 1 WhiteUnder: 4 White, 3 White 1 Red. 
4 White/ 4 Red All bets are Red or White. 
3 White + 1 Red / 3 Red + 1 White Betting for 3 White + 1 Red or 3 Red + 1 White. 

Payment In “Xoc Dia” Online

Types Of BettingPayment
Even/Odd1: 1.95
4 White/ 4 Red1:15
3 White + 1 Red / 3 Red + 1 White 1:3.8 


In general, “Xoc Dia” is a game that is both simple but has great appeal. Once players have joined “Xoc Dia”, it is difficult to quit the game. Hopefully the last article will help players understand the rules of the online “Xoc Dia” game so they can be ready to start the game. Wish players have happy experiences with “Xoc Dia”!