Ladies Nite 2 Turn Wild Slot

Today we would like to introduce to players an extremely interesting slot game from the world’s leading game provider Microgaming, which is Ladies Nite2 Turn Wild Slot.

What is Ladies Nite2 Turn Wild slot?

Ladies Nite2 Turn Wild Desktop slot game has many special features as well as a different way of calculating bonuses compared to other regular slots. Have fun with prizes and earn money while looking at the cutely shaped ladies. First, let’s find out what special features are available in Ladies Nite.

  • Number of reels: 3 x 5 (3 rows, 5 columns equivalent to 25 reels).
  • Number of winning lines: 25 winning lines.
  • The minimum bet when choosing a bet par value of 0.25 and a bet value of 1, the player must pay 0.25 USD.
  • The maximum bet when choosing a bet par value of 12.5 and a bet value of 4 amounts to be paid by the player is 50 USD.

The bigger the bet, the higher the chance of winning the prize if the player has paylines that appear in the paytable.

Ladies Nite2 Turn Wild Desktop features 9 symbols. Each symbol has a different payout and is redeemed according to the paytable.

Line Winning In Ladies Nite2 Turn Wild 

In Ladies Nite2 Turn Wild Desktop there are all 25 fixed paylines. 

Payments can be made from left to right. 

In case there are multiple winning lines on the same turn, the chie with the highest combined winning line is paid. 

The bonus will be paid out once based on the symbols that form the last winning line at the end of the re-spin feature.

If the player fails to activate the winning combinations or all 15 symbols to be in the winning combination. 

The winning amount will be displayed.

Respin Feature

Fired on every spin to form a winning combination. 

The symbols in the winning combination stay in place while the symbols that do not make the winning combination will be re-spined to further increase the winning probability.

The re-spin feature will continue until there are no more winning combinations. 

The bonus is paid on the last spin of the re-spin feature.

Wild Wheel

A feature that is triggered randomly on the spin creating any winning combination. 

The Wild wheel will spin and select a symbol. 

The selected symbol will turn into a multiplier symbol for the rest of the spin.


The symbol can randomly substitute other symbols to form a winning combination. 

At the end of the spin all multiplier symbols collected by the player will be combined and applied to the total winnings to pay out the total winnings after multiplier.


Wild appears on any reel and can substitute all other symbols to form a winning line.

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Payment symbols

Red girl7.502.501.00
Orange girl5.002.500.50
Blue girl5.002.500.50
Green girl4.002.000.50
Cup of wine4.002.000.50
Cup of cootial3.001.500.50


Let’s relieve stress with the ladies in Ladies Nite2 Turn Wild with the lucky coefficient that the player has multiplied by the total bet to bring a huge profit. Don’t wait any longer and start looking for luck right now.