Introduction About Caishen Fishing Online Fish Game – Get Real Money

Caishen Fishing owns many different forms of participation. Although the game was just published not long ago, it has been widely popular in the US market. Currently Caishen Fishing is accounting for the majority of members participating at our website. With a completely new image, with a strange style, the game gives players an interesting experience. To know more about Caishen Fishing, please follow the article below!

Introduction About Online Fish Game Caishen Fishing

Introduction About Online Fish Game Caishen Fishing

Caishen Fishing appeared in 2019, creating an innovation in the fish game market in the US. Players can participate in Caishen Fishing with a variety of equipment. Whether by computer, tablet or mobile, the system still ensures quality for users. The product is a perfect combination of graphics and sound, creating great realism. Caishen Fishing is indeed a game for those who love Fish table games online.

It is not too difficult to join Caishen Fishing, players just need to follow the instructions of our website and combine with a few fish table game secrets, the chances of winning will be very high. In addition to entertainment after tiring work, Caishen Fishing gives players a vivid sea world experience. Tens of thousands of creatures appear in the game, colorful, they move flexibly to create an extremely realistic feeling. Players will feel like they are exploring the mysterious world, with many attractive gifts.

Levels In Caishen Fishing

Levels In Caishen Fishing

  • Newbie: Minimum bet, bet limit from 0.1 to 10 coins. This level is suitable for those who are new to Fish table games and have no experience in playing.
  • Expert: Limit bets from 1 to 100, experienced players, have participated in online fish games.
  • Caishen: An experienced player, possessing many fishing skills, is considered a master in the Fish game industry. The stakes of this tier range from 10 coins to 100 coins.

How To Play Caishen Fishing Game

  • Rule Of Game

Depending on the gun, the player must shoot the appropriate bullet. Players should remember that bullets are purchased with real money, players must use them appropriately.

If the bullet is fired and hits the edge of the wall, the bullet will bounce back and hit the target. If the target dies, the player gets bonus points.

The player’s bonus points depend on the number of creatures the player destroys.

At the beginning of the game each player is given 10 bullets. Depending on the rank, bullets will have different destructive power.

Besides using bullets, players are also supported with many other weapons, the destructive power is many times stronger.

Features Of Caishen Fishing Game

Features Of Caishen Fishing Game

Caishen Fa Fa Fa

Players can activate rewards if they kill fish in various ways. In addition, players also have the opportunity to receive more red envelopes, prizes ranging from 2x to 1000x.

Note: If the player ends the game, the system allows the player to choose the red envelope on the leftmost side.

Wheel Of Fortune

“Wheel of fortune” is a special gift for players if they activate this feature. The player arbitrarily chooses 1 position, then spins and waits for the results. The chance to win between 40x and 200x bonuses can be for anyone.

Note: After the game is over, if the player has not chosen, the system supports the player in the middle position.

Caishen Coming

Players must cooperate with each other if they want to win. The player’s chance to receive a bonus is from 100x to 300x. 

Special Weapon

Fortune Bazooka: The player gets 10 bullets if the weapon is successfully activated. Next, the player can also receive more bullets from the system. The gift limit is from 20 to 100 free bullets.

The system allows players to use bullets for free, with a maximum limit of 999 times. If the weapon is frozen, it cannot work.

Note: After the game ends, the system automatically displays the number of points the player has achieved.

Mega Drill: After the player gets the first 10 shots, the player can get more Mega Drill for free. Winning opportunities are always waiting for players at Caishen Fishing. Same as above, if the weapon is frozen, the player cannot use it.

Paytable Caishen Fishing


Starfish2xArowana7xPuffer18xBonnethead 80x
Butterflyfish 2xSeahorse 8xCuttle20xGold Toads100x
Blue tang3xJellyfish9xSwordfish25xFortune Bazooka10x
Pomfret4xTurtle10xShark30xMega Drill10x
Clownfish5xOctopus12xBig jellyfish40xTreasure50x – 150x
Fire Fish goby6xEtmopterus spinax15xStingray50xCaishen100x- 300x


Caishen Fishing is indeed a game that possesses many attractive features. Each feature gives players great rewards. Members when registering to play at the system will receive a free $20 bonus every day. In addition, the system consolidates and improves many utilities, providing complete information about products. Players can learn about how to use guns and many other experiences. Players do not need to own too much bet capital and can still participate in Caishen Fishing.