How To Choose Weapons When Playing Fish Table Games Online

In the online version of Fish table game, the main weapon is the tool to help players hunt fish. Depending on different ranks, players will own weapons corresponding to each level. The number of weapons is many, players are required to remember how to use them to achieve the best effect. Let’s follow to follow the article below to know how to hunt fish by type of weapon.

Weapons In Fish Game Online

Fish table online is a game that is loved by many people of different ages. In this game there are many different weapons for players to choose to hunt fish. Weapons online game fish game

  • Cannon: The gun has up to 7 levels, appearing in most online fish game versions.
  • Bomb: Has great destructive power, destroys all creatures on the screen.
  • Poison: This is a weapon that the player once sprayed can kill many fish.
  • Radiation: This is a weapon that helps players increase the chance of hitting, doubling bonus points.
  • Electric shock: This fish shooting game weapon that when the player fires a spark, all the fish on the screen will stop.
  • Shark Trap: This is a trap that players use to release on their own way to catch sharks.
  • Double Gold: This weapon helps the player double the bonus.

How To Choose Weapons In Fish Table Game Online

Each weapon will bring its own benefits to the player. If the player wants to earn a lot of money, the player needs to know how to apply the appropriate weapon in each specific case. Such as:

  • If the fish is destroyed, the player uses a cannon, the number of bullets the player shoots is more or less depending on how big or small the fish is.
  • If the big fish goes with the small fish in groups, the player should choose Bomb to get a really high score.
  • If you see a screen with many fish, the player wants to score points at the same time, the player uses poison to make the fish die.
  • If the player wants the fish to stand still, the player should use an electric shock weapon.
  • Players should not ignore radioactive weapons if they want to increase their shooting ability.
  • If a shark appears, the player should use a shark trap; then use 7 bullet level bullets at the same time to destroy.
  • Players double their weapons if they want to double their winnings.


Above are the weapons in the fish game online as well as how to use them. hopes that players can grasp how to use it and apply it effectively to receive more and more bonuses.