JinChanBuYu – Fish Table Games Online

JinChanBuYu is one of the new versions of the online fish table game. This game appears at a few online casinos and has a high payout, which is why JinChan BuYu is increasingly popular and loved by players.

We is an online entertainment brand, specializing in providing online fish tables and having a lot of experience in the profession. Jinchanbuyu is also an interesting version from the Our Website, which has a growing number of players. If customers want to join JinChanBuYu and receive attractive rewards, don’t forget to follow the article below!

The Features Of JinChanBuYu

  • Target lock 

This feature is applied when the player has found the desired goal, but does not have much time to pursue. The player will use the target lock, so the gun barrel will turn in the direction the player has aimed. No matter where the fish moves, the barrel of the gun will follow the fish until the fish is successfully killed. Players do not need to worry about wasting ammo or running out of ammo before killing fish.

  • Automatic shot

People who play fish table online for entertainment purposes will use this feature. Because players don’t really pay attention to the game, they don’t spend much time on this game. When the player turns on the automatic mode, the gun will fire in a fixed direction, if the fish passes and gets hit, they will be killed. Players receive bonus points based on the number of fish they successfully catch. However, few players choose the automatic feature, so the player will waste a lot of ammo.

  • Full screen bomb

If the player uses this feature, the fish that appear on the screen will be killed. The way to use the bomb is also easy, players only need to activate the bomb at the time when the fish appears on the screen a lot. With just one use, the player’s bonus points can skyrocket and of course the bonus also increases.

  • Local bomb

Unlike the full screen bomb, the power of this bomb is limited. Bombs only attack based on the area, the location where it appears. When the player uses the local bomb, the fish in the affected area will be killed, the player receives bonus points depending on each creature. Usually players use local bombs for large fish, when the fish moves to that location, the player drops bombs, easily conquering.

In addition, players can experience a number of other fish table game online such as Fishman’s Wharf or Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Paytable Of JinChanBuYu

Small Fish : For small fish, their payout ranges from x2 to x12 times the bet used by the player.

Medium Fish:

Jikin Goldfishx15 
Baby Sharkx20
White Sharkx30 
Golden Sharkx35

Big Fish

Golden Fish x40-100
Green Frogx100-300
Golden Dragon x300 


JinChanBuYu is the best fish table game gambling online real money version of the our website. If players love fish tables online, have a need to join, don’t forget to go to the onlinefishtable.com, We certainly won’t disappoint players!