Data Collection

  1. General Information

Information from the client computer that the member visits can be transmitted to the server of the website the member is accessing. From there, the system will calculate the number of visitors to the website. We will better understand the staking needs and improve new features, providing a better environment for users.

  1. Personal Information

The information we collect before (name, age, phone number, date of birth, …) will help us identify the betting member. In addition, the system will ask members to provide additional necessary information. This request is for the purpose of setting up and managing a member’s account.

  1. Member Data Processed. Note Unlimited Examples Below:
  • All transactions and player account activities on our website are managed and supported.
  • We provide Fish Game betting and entertainment services.
  • We need members to provide some proof of identity: be over 18 years of age, do not reside in a jurisdiction where betting is prohibited.
  • Event materials are customized to member preferences.
  • Diagnostics and site maintenance.
  • Improve and monitor services at the site.
  • Manage operations, prevent risks and solve forms of fraud and illegality.
  • Comply with all betting laws and regulations.
  • We cooperate with many other associations, ensuring the fairness and integrity of the game. All parties reserve the right to track and share player bet records.
  1. Payment Information

We may disclose prizes, profits on the website, and other means for marketing purposes. Usernames may be published by us as abbreviations. In addition information such as profit amount or other information may also be displayed on the website if necessary.

  1. Safety

The member’s information is guaranteed to be stored securely. All personal data will be encrypted when the member provides it to us. In addition, the website system also uses firewalls, many different layers of technology to ensure the safety of data.

The betting site tries to protect the privacy of data, the member’s information is not misused or misused.

  1. Data Security

All means of storing information related to the website are handled securely and strictly by us.