Deposits And Payments

  1. We only accept transaction payments in USD currency. Transactions in other currencies are not accepted in the system. Also customers can pay by cryptocurrency – bitcoin.
  2. When customers visit our website, all data is processed and secured by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) system.
  3. Members who trade bets at the casino must use a bank registered in the member’s name.
  4. If customers withdraw/deposit at our website, customers can rest assured that there will be no costs. In case the customer transacts with a 3rd party, the customer must bear the fee. We are not responsible for this.
  5. If a customer encounters a security problem when using a credit card to pay, the cause is determined from the credit card side of the casino. Customers please notify us, the system will solve the problem as soon as possible. All bets in this case will be void, we will refund the bet to the customer.

All winnings made by deposit as above will be void. Note that if bets made with that deposit will not be updated, the balance will not be refunded by the system.


  1. The system provides many methods for members such as: Master card, Cash App, Visa, PayPal, Bitcoin,… Members can use gift cards purchased from Visa or MC, Neosurf and PayID. For more transaction information, please contact customer service by Livechat, including: deposit method, payment time, minimum and maximum deposit.
  2. Members when transferring money must check the correct banking information of the online casino. The system always updates the bank information, so members should contact us before making a deposit. We are not responsible if the member executes the wrong order.
  3. All transaction information is sent to the member’s personal email by the system. Members should save transaction data and payment methods; This will easily resolve the confusion cases.
  4. Members need to confirm the bet for the first deposit. Through this transaction, the system confirms payment details and some personal information such as phone number, email. Thus, the account security feature for members is better upgraded.
  5. Members pay based on the Payment Policy set forth by us. It is best for members to set daily/weekly/monthly deposit limits for their accounts.


  1. Members have many banking options at the payment system. Before submitting a payment request, members should note the time frame and limit for each option. When transacting, customers must provide complete and accurate personal information.
  2. The system confirms the first payment if the customer bets at least 1 deposit. Members must abide by our privacy policy, do not forget to bet at least 1 times the initial deposit value.
  3. Before withdrawing, customers need to provide details of their own account banking with customer service staff. 
  4. The system will ask the customer to provide a credit card verification form, if the customer uses a credit card to pay.
  5. If the customer’s main account for payment is closed, the customer wants to use another account; Customers need to notify us. Then the system asks to declare the reason, provide bank verification (form for another bank account transacted).
  6. The system will immediately cancel the betting account and withdraw all winnings; if the system detects a tampering operation and changes the declaration document.
  7. Before being confirmed, all Payment requests must be checked and approved by the system.
  8. Members’ transactions are regulated, with daily limits. The transaction amount depends on the membership level and the agreement of the customer with the VIP server.
  9. Member payouts can be divided into multiple units, in accordance with system limits and player level.
  10. Payment is made at the system where the deposit originated.
  11. Members can choose a preferred method; However, the final decision rests with the system.
  12. A player can only have one payment being processed at a time.
  13.  If the member’s payments fall into the following cases, the system will reject and not confirm the transaction:
  • Member’s personal information is incorrect, out of date during account registration.
  • If the customer uses another player’s information or debit card.
  • If a member has multiple accounts at the same time.
  • If an account is logged in by multiple users.
  • If the member uses any robot program or any inappropriate betting software.
  • If the system finds a member abusing the payment of bonuses.
  • If a member makes a bet and gets rewarded for playing the demo version.
  • If the member commits fraud, is accused by other online betting sites.
  • If a payment balance is created due to a violation of the Rewards Terms and Conditions.
  • If the registered account does not comply with the rules, terms and general rules of the system.

Customers can choose from the two most popular payment methods at the system: Cash app and Bitcoin. Simple payment method, with specific instructions from customer service staff. In addition, each method has its own incentives, the reward value is very attractive

Cash App

The website limits the minimum amount per deposit to $20, there is no maximum limit.

For every successful deposit transaction at the online casino, the customer will receive a bonus worth $10.

If each transaction reaches a minimum of $250, the customer will receive an additional 10% bonus on the deposit to the account.


  • Customers using the form of payment in Bitcoin will receive an additional 10% bonus of the bet value.
  • If the deposit amount reaches the minimum threshold of $20, the client receives a $10 bonus on the deposit.
  • The special system offers an attractive gift that always adds 5% of the deposit value for all betting accounts at online casino.