How To Play Zombie Bonus – Shooting Game

Zombie Bonus is an online entertainment game with horror-oriented graphics. This game is developed based on the story of the fish table gambling game online, the characters in the game are designed quite scary, colorful and arouse the curiosity of players. This game is currently in the top of the most popular games at online casinos. So what advantages does Zombie Bonus possess, why the game has become so attractive, follow the article below for more details!

The Levels Of Betting Zombie Bonus

  • Elementary Battlefield: Bets range from 0.10 to 1 coin per participation. Low difficulty, suitable for players who have never played the game before.
  • Medium Battlefield: The stakes go up a bit higher, from 0.02 coins to 2 coins. With this level, players can join to experience, find fun and entertain.
  • Higher Battlefield: 0.3 to 3 coins is the swing bet of this playroom. The difficulty level is improved, which means that the bonus players receive if they win the bet is also much higher.
  • Mega Battlefield: 0.50 to 5 coins is the bet when players join at this level. Players participating in this rank must have played Zombie Bonus before, because it is quite difficult to conquer, without experience will not be able to participate.
  • Super Battlefield: Each player needs to use from 1 to 10 coins to join this tier.
  • Extreme Battlefield: This is the hardest tier and also has the highest bounty. Players are not simply lucky, but the mind must be quick, flexible and have a specific strategy before starting the game.

The Features Of Zombie Bonus

Little zombie: Players capture little zombies during the game and will win 2x – 10x or get 1-3 bullets.

Lucky slot will appear at the same time as 20x 100x zombies. When players capture the Lucky slot, the special slot game will be triggered additionally. Press the spin button to begin the game, players can get the reward amount for each zombie on the payline. If there are 3 same zombies, players will top award 2000x.

Mega Drill will appear at the same time as 20x – 100x zombies. Players will get a free shot of mega drill additionally after capturing the Mega Drill and have a chance to capture any zombies on the path after firing mega drill until it explodes.


  • Cost 1x bet shoot on bullet at a time
  • Cost 3x bet, three bullets fired simultaneously. 
  • Cost: 5x bet, shoot one bullet at a time, powerful and easier to kill zombies. 
  • Cost: 10x bet, Shoot ten bullets at a time larger- scale attacking zombies. 

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2 – 10x or 1 -3 bullets
2x -10x or 1 – 3 bullets


Zombie Bonus is a game with graphics that is very different from other games. Usually, the entertainment games will have cute, vivid images, outstanding colors. However, Zombie Bonus depicts creepy but no less vivid. The rules of Zombie Bonus are also quite simple, easy to understand, players have many options for bet levels and rewards. Hopefully the following article will help players better understand Zombie Bonus and how to participate to get the highest possible win. Good luck players!