Fishman’s Wharf – Fish Game Online

Fishman’s Wharf is an online fish table-themed version. This game has pretty cute graphics, creating excitement for many players. Fishman’s Wharf is suitable for all ages, especially young people. Customers participating in this game all rated this game as having good entertainment, creating fun and relaxation.

Currently on the market there are many versions of fish table online, when it comes to this genre, customers often think of Ocean king online, Golden dragon fish game online,… However, there are still many similar games with outstanding features. like Fishman’s Wharf. Follow the information below if players have a need to learn and join the game!

What Is Fishman’s Wharf ?

With the strong development of online fish tables, game publishers grasp the needs of players, constantly offer new games, possessing outstanding features. In addition, players can also experience the services when finding the right online casino. In addition to the participation level from easy to difficult, players who are not confident can still choose Demo. This is the fastest way to experience and also the safest, because it doesn’t cost money and still has a real experience.

The Features Of Fishman’s Wharf

  • Circulating power grid: Select a location to project an electromagnetic bomb to trigger a power grid attack on a regional scale.
  • Invincible bomb: triggering a large group of torpedo bombings, attacking all fish.
  • Chain lightning: Chain Lightning is triggered which continuously strikes multiple fish.
  • Octopus explosive shell: After exploding, play can launch an octopus explosive shell to blow up nearby fish.
  • Sky thunder: Detonate the octopus that occasionally swells, detonate the Sky thunder bomb and kill all ordinary fish.
  • Lucky fish: Kill any fish randomly, score 2x 0- 10x.
  • Mysterious dinner: Successfully attack the big dinner plate with a question mark, play will get a mysterious dinner specially made by the chef and player randomly receive 50 – 400 prizes.

The Level Of Fishman’s Wharf

  • VIP: Each player can only own 1 gun, with a money value from 10 to 1000. This level is quite low, new players can join and do not worry about the difficulty of the game, can train and get more experience, ready in every game.
  • VVIP: At this level, players need to pay 10 coins for each time they enter the room. In addition, customers can own 2 guns if they pay between 50 and 1000 coins in the game. The difficulty of this game is higher than VIP, suitable for experienced players who have participated in many online fish table versions but have not invested much.
  • Super VIP: 3 guns with 7 power levels will belong to players participating in this rank. The amount they need to pay is from 100 to 1000 coins. Of course, there will be an entrance fee of 10 coins. In return if any player wins this tier, the amount they receive is many times more than they used to.

Paytable Of Fishman’s Wharf



Fishman’s Whar will definitely give players a lot of surprises, from content, to graphics and other elements. However, to make the game more complete and safe, players should choose a quality online fish tables to join. Hope the above information will help customers’ games!