How To Use Bullets In Fish Tables Online

Surely players are no stranger to online fish games. This game can be played in two ways: online and offline. There are many factors that affect the outcome of the Fish game. One of the factors that contributes to winning online fish games is the use of bullets. This article will highlight the advantages of bullets; Tips for using bullets effectively.

How To Use Bullets In Fish Table Game Online

How To Calculate Bullet Points In Online Fish Tables

In order to stimulate gamers, create excitement and novelty in the game, each fish game version will have a different scoring method. Each type of fish at the respective games has a different reward level. That means each bullet that kills the fish will gain a corresponding bonus point. The calculation is as follows:

  • Small fish will have a bonus of 2 to 10 points, big fish over 20 points and boss-shark / octopus is 30 points.
  • Pink mermaid has a score of 2 to 10, blue mermaid 10 to 20 points, red mermaid 10 to 30 points. For large mermaids, points get from 50 to 150 points.
  • Particularly for arowanas, players receive 200 points. In some games, it can go up to 300 points.

Advantages Of Bullets In Online Fish Table Game 

Many online casinos apply the method of using bullets to exchange rewards, it is very effective and attracts many players. Here are some ways to use bullets to join the fish table game online, which is of interest to many people today.

  • Bullets used to shoot individual

The player must spend a 2-cent bullet if he wants to destroy an individual fish. To ensure efficiency, players should shoot continuously until the fish dies. If the player loses 3 to 5 bullets, the fish is still not dead, the player should stop and switch to another target, avoid losing more money.

  • Bullets used for a group of fish

If a group of fish appears, the player should shoot bullets in the middle of the group of fish. Usually each fish will bring the player 5 bonus coins. And the type of bullets the player uses is only 4 coins / 1 bullet.

  • Using bullets costs 7 cents / 1 bullet

This method is for players with a lot of stakes. Bullets worth 7 cents will have better destructive power. Each fish the player destroys with this bullets will bring the player about 100 to 200 coins, in addition to attractive gifts.

Tips To Play Fish Table Game Online

  • Shooting fish slow and fast.

For the fish that appear near the barrel, the player just needs to shoot slowly. Each fish corresponds to 1 bonus coin. For large fish, located far away from the screen, the player should use the fast, continuous shooting method. Especially sharks and mermaids especially should use a fast, sure effective way of shooting.

  • Kill the fish as soon as the game is starting

When the fish has just appeared on the screen, the player aims straight at the target and shoots. Fish will die easier than waiting until close to shoot; then the number of bullets and the time to kill the fish are not long enough to kill the fish.

  •  Use ballpoint shoot

The player shoots the bullet, if it doesn’t hit the fish and the bullet hits the wall. Then the bullet will bounce towards another target, and at the same time the player fires a few more bullets, the target will be killed. This method takes a lot of bullets, but in return, the number of dead fish will be more. There are cases of missing bullets, other fish will be killed, players receive more bonus points.


If you want to win a lot of bonus points when playing fish game, players should learn how to use bullets. We believes that simply by applying tips on the fish table above, players have more chances of winning. Don’t hesitate, quickly register account today, to bring back many great value rewards.