Fish Table Game Secrets 2022 – Fish Game Strategy

Fish Table Game Secrets 2022

Online fish table is a popular entertainment genre. Publishers are constantly bringing out versions, in order to improve and bring a good experience to customers.

Fish table game online is not just an entertainment game, it becomes a money-making tool for enthusiasts. So fish table game secrets, which fish table strategies to get the best results. For more information, follow us below.

Join Various Versions

On the market, there are many quality fish table game versions, eye-catching colors, realistic images and diverse rewards. Players before choosing an online fish table version to join in the long term. Let’s explore the different versions in turn, experience and learn for yourself.

In fact, the fish game versions all have similar gameplay. However, players do not know which version has more fish. The payout ratio for each fish species is also not the same. So should learn the secrets of that fish table game and prepare your playing strategy

In particular, with the improvement of graphics and game features every day and every hour from the game publisher, players will find the game they love most after a period of trying many versions such as Orient Animals Fishing or Alien Hunter.

fish game strategy

Calculate Bullet Usage

To destroy each type of fish, the player must use a certain amount of bullet. Usually small fish only take 1 to 2 bullets; Big fish need 3 to 4 bullets, even 5 bullets to defeat them.

If the player calculates the bullets fired, this will save a lot of ammo. If shooting large fish, focus on the target until it dies. Players limit the situation of shooting many fish, leading to lack of ammo and not destroying any target.

Persevere In Playing Your Chosen Goal

Some large fish species appear very rarely, if at all, the time is very limited. Players must aim properly, persistently shoot fish from the moment they leave the table until they disappear. If the player loses the opportunity, the number of bullets fired cannot be recovered. So when the player has determined the fish species to hunt, apply the “target lock” feature to kill the fish.

Choose Playroom That Fits Your Ability And Economy

Each version of the fish table game will have a different playroom. The playing rooms correspond to the player’s ability, different ranks for players to choose from. Players participate according to their own level. If participating in the appropriate room, the player will catch a lot of fish.

It is important that players do not rush to choose a room with a high stake. Because the higher the level, the higher the difficulty, the player has to fight with many large fish. For rare and large fish, the player must use a lot of bullets to destroy them. If the player does not guarantee skill and money invested in the game, it is very likely to lose everything.

If there is Demo version, players should choose and participate. Because then players do not have to spend money and can still participate just like other versions.

Apply Special Weapons At The Right Time

Weapons such as grenades, bombs, radiation, … are extremely expensive items. Players have to practice hard or spend money to buy. So players should not use that weapon right away, save it and wait for the big boss to appear. As soon as the opportunity comes, players use the special feature of their weapons to earn huge bonuses!

If the player combines the ammunition at the right time, the player will be more effective when hunting fish. Moreover, this way of playing helps players hunt small fish that are swimming around the target.

For example, there is a shark swimming with small fish, now the player should use the largest bullet in combination with a bomb. Players aiming straight at the shot will definitely kill the big fish and many other small fish die.

Reasonable Using Of Time

Players are prone to aches and pains if they sit for a long time in front of the phone or computer. Although the fish table game is attractive, if you join the game for too long, it will cause players to lose focus and easily deviate in aiming.

Players should limit the number of hours participating in the game, specifically from 30 minutes to 1 hour. After that time, players should take time to exercise and regulate brain functions. The sanity will help players participate better for the next time.

The time limit helps players avoid the situation of losing completely. Because the psychology of game players is often very aggressive, the more they lose, the more they want to remove the antlers.


Hopefully based on the above 6 strategy, players will better participate in the Fish table games. One of the mandatory conditions for players is to find a reputable, quality online casino with fair and transparent payment to join. Players can try participating at Wish players have moments of great experience.