Alien Hunter – Can You Game Alien Hunter For Real Money ?

Alien Hunter - Can You Game Alien Hunter For Real Money ?

What Is Alien Hunter?

Alien Hunter is a game that simulates the image of outer space. Players when participating in Alien Hunter will be transformed into aliens to hunt animals. Alien Hunter is a product developed by Spade Gaming, the game inspired by online fish tables. Our system now offers this attractive product with a wide choice of bet levels. The game simulates alien creatures, the graphics are extremely sharp, creating a sense of excitement for the player.

In addition to the interesting form, Alien Hunter also attracts players by its simple, easy-to-understand gameplay, suitable for many objects. Players participating in Alien Hunter need to practice and concentrate. Besides, the odds are also one of the things that contribute to the attraction of this game.

How To Play Alien Hunter

Players participating in Alien Hunter must use real money to buy bullets. The player then shoots at the animals that appear on the screen, receiving coins corresponding to the payout value of that animal. If the player is lucky, defeating Fallen, the player will receive a reward from x100 to x888 value of the amount of bullets.

To increase the probability of successfully destroying special symbols in the game, players need to use weapons properly. Here are the basic rules of Alien Hunter:


  • The rules of Alien Hunter are very simple, players just need to choose the level that suits their own abilities. Besides, players can add a few more features, thereby multiplying the odds. After choosing the required skill according to the desire, the player can easily defeat the target.
  • Each such turn will have 4 players, the bonus the player receives depends on the prey the player destroys. Be it small fish, monsters or alien species.
  • In addition, the amount of bonus the player receives depends on the player’s position in the 4 participants, if he becomes the champion, the player can win a higher bet.

The Levels Of Alien Hunter

  • Undertaker Mode: This mode is quite simple, suitable for beginners. Players need to practice a lot to get used to the gameplay, then find their own strategy.
  • Expert Mode: This level is upgraded to high, the player’s goal is more difficult to destroy. However, in return, if you successfully shoot down the target, the player will gain a greater number of points.
  • God Mode: At this level, the player has his own strategy, has a lot of experience and high concentration. Players only need to participate to be able to destroy the target, not wasting bullets.

Skills Needed To Play Alien Hunter

  • Objective: This skill is very simple, players just need to choose the target, aim and shoot, do not need to use too much bullets, save a lot of bets.
  • Auto: With this skill, the player must shoot down the monsters first as soon as they appear on the screen. This skill seems simple and convenient, but the level of effectiveness is not high. If multiple players choose the same target, it will cause bullets to be wasted.
  • Double: with this skill, the player can use double bullets to shoot down the target faster than the opponent.
  • Torch: Players can use torches to burn down an entire area, or target, making sure monsters don’t escape.
Skills Needed To Play Alien Hunter

Special Weapon Features

  • Rogue Warrior (Bet x30): With this feature Rogue Warrior appears to help players destroy some special creatures and players receive rewards x10 to x250.
  • Mines (Bet x60): Players will receive three mines, which can be placed anywhere on the screen, whenever a creature steps on a mine, the mine will immediately explode, destroying that creature. Players receive rewards x20 to x500.
  • Thermal Blaze (Bet x100) is considered as a heavy missile, whenever Thermal Blaze is activated, the creatures on the screen will be locked and the rocket will fall from the sky, killing all creatures. surrounding objects. The reward players get when activating this feature is to receive the bonus x20 to x888.

Special Species Of Alien Hunter

  • Xeno Assassin: Players will receive rewards from x10 to x300 if they shoot down the Xeno assassin.
  • Turbo Blaster: If the player shoots down the Turbo Blaster, the player will receive 30-100 bullets with higher damage. From there, the player can defeat the alien creature faster.
  • Blade Hound: Blade Hound comes with a Shuriken weapon that will help players destroy multiple alien creatures around at once. The bonus level players receive from x40 to x80.
  • Bio Crawler: If the player shoots down this special creature, the player will receive a weapon called Bio Crawler. This is a weapon capable of emitting toxic gas to destroy the surrounding creatures, the player will now receive a huge reward from x40 to x100.


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