How To Play Orient Animals Fishing

Orient Animals Fishing is one of the latest fishing games available, possessing many outstanding features with top quality. This product only needs to be a very small amount, players can experience many interesting features. Orient Animals Fishing depicts an extremely realistic ocean world. Our website offers many ways to participate in Orient Animals Fishing. Players can play on computers or mobile devices with different operating systems.

Orient Animals Fishing

What Is Orient Animals Fishing

Orient Animals Fishing recreates a unique sea scene, with extremely rare fish species. This game makes players feel excited, creating a sense of excitement to want to learn about the ocean world. All images in Orient Animals Fishing are used in 3D, vivid game sounds create a sense of fun. Players when participating in bets will reduce stress and also earn a small source of income.

The New Features Of Orient Animals Fishing

Orient Animals Fishing is launched by our website with the latest version. At the same time, the game also possesses many of the most advanced features, extremely high quality images. According to the comments of members at the system, Orient Animals Fishing has many advantages such as:

  • Place bets with extremely low minimum stakes. With only 100 coins (0.1$) for 1 turn, players can experience Orient Animals Fishing.
  • The beautiful game interface is excellent, in addition to vivid 3D images and realistic sounds.
  • Support for multiple languages ​​with multiple play styles.
  • Especially the opportunity to shoot somewhere when participating in shooting fish online.

Payment Of Orient Animals Fishing

At Orient Animals Fishing, there are many different levels of play, each level will have members with the same ability. The amount of bonus the player receives depends on the hunting product. In particular, the system also has a refund for players. Countless daily, weekly and monthly refunds also support savings and promotions for members. In addition, before playing Orient Animals Fishing, players should not forget to remember the following payout percentages:

  • Gold Slate – chance to win 100 – 300x
  • Purple Slate – chance to win 100 – 500x
  • Green Slate – chance to win 100 – 500x
  • Orange Slate – chance to win 100 – 800x
  • Positive Slate – chance to win 100 – 1000x

The Rules Of Orient Animals Fishing

Just grasp the rules below, players boldly go straight into the game and feel free to participate.

  • The player clearly defines the goal of the game. So the player is not disoriented in aiming.
  • Players should not discharge bullets arbitrarily, consume a lot of bullets at the same time for not too large targets. This way of working is not very effective.
  • Players focus on destroying each target if they are large. Only when targets appear in swarms, the player uses special weapons to capture them.
  • Players should immediately destroy the fish that has just appeared on the screen. This method helps players not to lose too many coins, destroy the fish in the shortest time and win the reward intact.
  • If the player does not have much experience, the player should use the lowest amount until the way to participate is more mature than before.
  • Choose a good gun to kill more fish than normal guns. Accompanying that will be lost with the same number of points and vice versa.
  • The player can quickly change weapons if the target size is changed, prioritizing small, easy-to-hunt fish. Big fish need a specific direction and strategy.


In addition to information about new products such as Orient Animals Fishing, our system also updates tips and strategies to increase the probability of winning for players. Hope players can fully refer to the skills and practice to bring the best results. Good luck players!