Fish Bomb Online – Where To Play Fish Bomb Online Real Money ?

Fish tables online is no longer a strange game in the betting world. However, the appearance of many websites offering this product, makes many players confused when choosing where to bet. In our system, players can participate in any fish game product. Depending on the player’s ability, winning the number of bonus points they receive will be converted into real money by the website and withdrawn to the account.

Where To Play Fish Bomb Online Real Money

Where To Play Fish Bomb Online Real Money

Fish Bomb Online is a game provided by our website – The system that specializes in providing top fish game products in the US. Overview Fish Bomb is an extremely complete game. The product has an investment in sound and image. Therefore, the number of players participating in Fish Bomb is increasing. Follow to follow the article below to understand about Fish Bomb online.

The Advantages Of Fish Bomb Online

Fish Bomb owns a diverse platform, players have 3 choices of ranks when participating in Fish Bomb. Each level will have different bets. So players can choose the platform that suits their own needs.

In addition, we also provide more knowledge about shooting fish, tips, tactics and how to play fish games. We also support information to help players overcome basic errors when participating in the Fish Bomb.

Diverse playrooms

  • Newbie:0.5 – 5
  • Medium: 5 – 50
  • Royal: 50 – 500

Diversity of goals

Fish Bomb owns a diverse system of goals. Especially the bonus rate of the game is extremely high, the bonus value of Fish Bomb is divided into many different levels.

  • Small fish: includes 19 different types of fish with payout ratio from 2 to 60 times the bet.
  • Middle fish: Includes 6 gold targets with a payout value of 80 – 100 – 120 – 150 – 180 – 200 times the bet.
  • Big fish: There will be 3 important targets with bonuses of 500 – 600 – 700 times the stake.

In addition, Fish Bomb online also owns fish with special functions. These features complement the hunting process, so the player can win big.

  • Thunder Dragon: When you defeat the Thunder Dragon, they will kill the neighboring fish.
  • Pufferfish: When a puffer fish dies, it creates an explosion that kills nearby fish.
  • Ice Crab: When the ice crab dies it will freeze all fish on the map.
  • Wipe clean: When killing this target, the player will destroy all fish on the screen.

Beautiful Graphics, Realistic Sound

The images, graphics and sounds of Fish Bomb have been designed by the system department to be extremely eye-catching and lively. Joining Fish Bomb, players will be like watching a cartoon. All the target fish at Fish Bomb are designed in 3D, extremely beautiful. Therefore, players cannot help but join Fish Bomb.

Various Types Of Guns

Similar to other online fish game products on the market, Fish Bomb also has many different types of guns for players to use. Accordingly, the guns and their respective bets are as follows:

  • Gun LV1: 0.5 – 1.5 times stake.
  • Gun LV2: 2-3 times the stake.
  • Gun LV3: 3.5 – 5 times stake.

To win the reward, the player must destroy multiple targets based on the weapons. At the same time, the system allows players to participate in a few ways to win the game such as how to use bullet properly or which gun to use to shoot more fish.

  • Frenzy: When receiving this feature during participation, the player’s bullets when fired will have a 20% faster flight speed than normal bullets.
  • Slow: Get this feature and use it, all targets on the interface will slow down 80%. It is easier for the player to destroy the target.
  • Energy Accumulation: The player’s gun energy will be charged faster than normal.
  • Drill Cannon: If the player owns this feature, the player immediately receives 1 attack with a special cannon. This cannon is extremely powerful.


Above is all detailed information about Fish Bomb. Our website regularly updates with new features, bringing convenience and fun to players. Hopefully, players will love and increasingly accept fish game products at the system. Thank you players for your support!