How to Fix Errors When Playing Fish Bomb Online

Blank Screen When Players Open Fish Bomb

This game appears on all popular operating systems, Android and IOS. In some cases, when players just open the application, the screen will be black for a moment and then the betting interface will appear. Or sometimes the application reports an error. Players can rest assured, this problem can be fixed.

  • These cases are only temporary problems, players only need to press the recent apps menu button in the phone. The player then closes the problematic application and reopens it. The application will work normally.
  • Players can try restarting the mobile, pressing and holding the “home” and “power” buttons for 10 seconds. Then release the buttons and hold the “power” button until the screen turns on. Now the player can open the app and it should work properly.
  • Players can uninstall the app and reinstall it. Usually the operating system will restore all after reinstalling, then the player can log in to the application.
  • Players can download the app with an older version to participate, if that’s the case.

No Load Or No Working Properly

In some cases, mobile has problems loading apps. If so, players can try a few ways:

  • Open Fish Bomb app, click reload button.
  • Check Wifi or mobile data connection. Disconnect the data connection and reboot.
  • Offload devices using wifi at the same time, try opening again in a few minutes.

Account Related Issues

  • If a player encounters login problems, or an account error. Players please check according to the following steps
  • Players try to log in after a few minutes if the system gives an error.
  • Check if wifi is working properly or not.
  • Reconfirm the login information.
  • Sign in with 3rd party social networks like facebook, twitter, google,… Check if the service is working properly or not at major sites.
  • Reread the error message, check the account may be banned or deactivated.

App Installation Issues

  • Check wifi/internet connection.
  • Check the memory capacity of the player’s device.
  • Identify the installed app that supports the mobile version.
  • Audio / Video Loading Problem
  • Check the device’s sound system, try listening with headphones or external speakers to identify the faulty application or not.
  • Check wifi speed if facing video download problems.

Notifications Are Not Working Properly

  • Click on the app => Fish Bomb => Fish table game online real money Arcades-> Notifications and check if notifications are enabled. If it is not already activated, enable it.
  • Go to the verification settings to turn the notification sound on or off.

Inviting Friends

  • Players have to synchronize their contacts or social network applications such as facebook, twitter, instagram,… The application server is sometimes slow because of processing a lot of data at the same time.
  • The player briefly mentions the problem to the Fish Bomb supplier, attaching a few snapshots if possible. The provider will help players handle the problem quickly.

Deposit Money

  • Sometimes the player’s payment time is outside office hours. Players should wait patiently within 48 hours to return. If the player account has not been updated, quickly contact the website providing the game for support.
  • Updates Points / Score
  • Up to thousands of people or more participate in Fish Bomb at the same time. It may take a few minutes to several hours for a player to update their score. Players need to be patient after a while and pay attention to the change of numbers in the account.
  • Players can close the app and log back in to update the data.

Verify To Withdrew

Players should open the app and check the withdrawal status. If the player sees a successful withdrawal, the account has not been updated. Please contact the product supplier for timely assistance.


In the US betting market, in recent years we have noticed that the demand for playing Fish online games is increasing. We understand the needs of players, research teams and provide a variety of online shooting fish game real money versions. If players want to participate in more Fish table games online, please register an account at our website. Don’t forget to turn on notifications to update more Fish game versions at website!