Dragon Master – How To Play Dragon Master For Real Money

If the player is bored with the traditional online fish table style, the player wants to have a new feeling. Players can join Dragon Master – hunting game for real money at our website. Coming to Dragon Master, players will return to the ice age and hunt dinosaurs. This is really a new experience, giving players unique feelings. The system ensures players will not be able to find a product of both quality and novelty anywhere else.

Dragon Master - How To Play Dragon Master For Real Money

Introduction About Dragon Master

Dragon Master is a game that allows players to freely hunt rare animals, these creatures were extinct a long time ago. Such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Dolphin, Saber-toothed Tiger, etc.

Basically, Dragon Master has the same gameplay as the Fish table game. However, instead of players hunting fish, in this game, players will hunt dinosaurs. Besides, the image and sound in the game also have a big change, bringing a much more novel feeling.

  • Unique 100% real 3D interface, specially designed background music helps players to focus 100% on the main playing, without being distracted.
  • Accompanied by that is the payout ratio for players when killing animals is much higher than normal fish shooting games.

If players are looking for a fish game product with a new style, Dragon Master is the perfect answer for players. Participating in our system, players also receive a lot of incentives and attractive gifts.

The Rules Of Dragon Master

Usually when participating in fish table games, players have to defeat big fish to receive attractive rewards. At Dragon Master, players only need to deal damage to any animal, immediately the player has the opportunity to draw lucky money. The value of lucky money is definitely a number that makes players surprised and happy.

In addition, Dragon Master also has many other features that previous games of the same genre have not yet had. As follows:

  • Automatic aiming and shooting gun function: In other products, players want to own the above two types of weapon functions, players have to spend money to buy. However, for Dragon Master, this function is available, players do not need to spend money to still be able to use it for a long time.
  • Special Ammo: Like other products, if you want to own a powerful weapon, you must hunt special creatures. Particularly for Dragon Master, players can own bullets with huge power or bombs, or lasers at any time. Players only need to spend money to buy and serve for hunting rewards.

How To Play Dragon Master

Players who want to join Dragon Master in our system just need to follow these steps

  • Step 1: Access your account to the website and select the game menu
  • Step 2: Choose Dragon Master product
  • Step 3: Consult the rules of the game before participating

Similar to participating in regular fish shooting games, players need to refer to the rules of the game and how to play before participating in dinosaur hunting. Players need to learn about the bonus value of each type of dinosaur and determine the type of ammunition to use appropriately.

Learn about the function of the buttons on the main screen of the game:

  • Each type of ammo will have different functions and bonuses. Depending on the animals, the player adjusts accordingly.
  • If the player has identified the target, can press the fire button. Depending on the weapon, each click will launch a bullet that drains the target’s power.
  • Continuous firing button, this type to shoot at targets that move in groups, the number of prey is high, the probability of being hit is high.
  • The function of the bomb will have 2 times the power of normal weapons. If the player detects targets traveling in swarms, bombs can be used to attack in waves, reducing their combat power.
  • Settings button, where the player can view the bonus value of the dinosaurs, game instructions and game effect settings.
  • Step 4: Join and get paid.

If the player wants to destroy more targets, the player will need more weapons in the game. The player’s task just needs to use reasonable bullets, destroy the targets that appear on the screen. Each time the prey is destroyed, the player receives a bonus equal to the value of that creature. In Dragon Master there are many different species of dinosaurs, they move in many directions. If you want to hunt effectively, you must choose the right target, study the direction of movement and apply the right weapon. It is best to avoid the case of power consumption, reducing combat power.


Dragon Master is a product that receives a lot of love from players. Players just need to quickly register an account at the system, immediately receive a bonus worth at least $20 for the first deposit. Wish players  happy experience at our website!