Fu Farm Online – New Shooting Version For Real money

In the top of the most popular shooting animal games in our system, Fu Farm has always had a strange appeal. The game has simulated a farm with many animals such as goats, chickens, dogs, bears, … they are shaped like cartoon characters, very cute. Although the game is more about for real money, it’s fun. If the player knows how to apply the playing experience below and at the same time understand the rules of Fu Farm, the player will surely win a lot of rewards.

Fu Farm Online - New Shooting Version For Real money

What Is Fu Farm?

Fu Farm is a farm animal shooting game, this version is based on fish tables online. Although this is an entertaining and fun game, to win bets, players need to possess a lot of skills and game knowledge.

Fu Farm is like a story on a small farm. Here players can encounter many cute and funny animals. And they are also the rewards that players can receive. As long as the player shooting the animals, each animal will be converted to a different number of bonus points.

The Rules Of The Fu Farm

The Rules Of The Fu Farm

The rules of Fu Farm are quite simple, just need to read through a few times, players can understand and participate in playing smoothly.

The system provides players with 3 levels, each level will have a different bet. Therefore, depending on the financial situation in the account, the player should choose the appropriate table.

  • Enables 1 Gum: Bet of 1- 9 coins
  • Enables 2 Gun: Bet of 10 – 90 coins
  • Enables 3 Gun: Bet of 100 -1000 coins

When entering the game, players only need to shoot at the moving animals, if they win, they will receive a bonus. In particular, hitting large animals or special items will receive a higher bonus.

The Features Of The Fu Farm

The Features Of The Fu Farm

Multiplier Features

  • Multiplier will be activated if the animals inside the bubble appear. The player then receives a payout that matches the animal. Usually the scale is just less than or equal to x10.
  • Once the animal is detonated, its prize will be multiplied by a random multiplier.

Bomb Features

  • All other animals explode if the pumpkin explodes. Only the dragon still appears on the screen.
  • If there are no animals on the screen, Player will get x5 price, max win -x5000, if there is no animal on screen.


Gold Bottlex30
Cow ( with a random payout)x50- x500
Dragon (with a random payout)x200 – x888
Small Birdx2
Small Bearx2
Small chickenx4
Small Foxx7

Experience Joining Fu Farm

  • For new and inexperienced players in Fu Farm, practice shooting first at tables with low stakes. This way you have both the experience and the cost savings.
  • If the player participates at a low bet, they should not focus on shooting large animals. Because then the chance of hitting is very low.
  • Should not be used, concentrate too many bullets for 1 target. Spread the ammo evenly so you can both bring back bonuses and have a fun experience with medium and large animals.
  • It is advisable to space out game time to get the best mental and concentration.


If the player is a shooter lover but loves a simple and fun game genre, Fu Farm is an ideal choice. Our website also has many other attractive games on the fish game theme. Join the game now to bring back special experiences.