Duo Bu Duo Cai Online Fish Table For Real Money

After a series of products on the topic of fish table games such as Crazy Fishing, King Fishing, Fishing War, Ocean King,… Duo Bu Duo Cai of our website gives players great surprises. The game is really attractive and interesting in the eyes of those who are passionate about hunting and exchanging rewards for real money.

Not only highly entertaining, Duo Bu Duo Cai is also a game with great economic potential. The number of players participating in Duo Bu Duo Cai at the system has reached millions of times per day. So what are the attractive points of this game, players follow us to follow the article below!


Introduction About Duo Bu Duo Cai

Duo Bu Duo Cai is the latest product of our website – a system that specializes in providing hunting and redemption games. The game is designed with beautiful graphics, many unique usable features. After a short time on the market, Duo Bu Duo Cai has completely conquered players. Now this game is really a product not to be missed at the website.

Odds Of Duo Bu Duo Cai

We are a website specializing in providing products with the theme of fish table games. Players do not have to worry when choosing a system to bet on. It is extremely safe, quality and reputable here. We guarantee full payment of bonuses available to players.

Join Duo Bu Duo Cai, players receive extremely attractive bonuses. The amount of bonus the player receives depends on the target the player can hunt. In addition, the system also has a rate of return of bonuses for those who lose bets. This rate of return can be hourly, daily or monthly.

There will be different scoring methods in Duo Bu Duo Cai

  • Small fish: calculated from 5-10 cents depending on the type of fish
  • Medium fish: 20 coins
  • Big fish 100-200 Coins
  • Big Boss 200-500 Coins
Duo Bu Duo Cai

The Rules Of Duo Bu Duo Cai

As with any type of game, it is also necessary to understand the rules and rules of the game. Not for any other reason, simply playing is about knowing the rules and needing to win. If the player masters the rules of the game, the player has a chance of winning more than 50%.

There are two forms of play for players when joining Duo Bu Duo Cai

  • Free play: Players will play with other members and the system will automatically arrange these players. Also available in different locations, depending on the random arrangement of the system
  • In the arena room: Players will also be arranged by the website’s system with 3 other players. In which, there will be a shooting time of 1 minute and will add the number of points after the end of that 1 minute plus experience points.

Players should choose the right weapons, aim and shoot. The amount of the bonus is calculated based on the value of the target shot. To be successful, players do not forget to learn how to use and understand each weapon:

  • Bomb: The destructive power is 2 times that of normal bullets, the ability to damage in a wide area. All creatures in the range will be affected, large animals will lose their health. Thanks to that, players take advantage of the opportunity to shoot at them to win rewards.
  • Electromagnetic Gun: Electromagnetic gun is used for a short time. During that time all creatures will be destroyed, the reward the player gets is likely 10 times the amount spent.
  • Grid: Players should use this weapon when the targets go in groups, crowded groups. Just throw the electric net, surround all the targets, all the fish will be paralyzed by electricity. Players only need to shoot a few bullets to completely destroy them. The bonus received is 15 to 30 times the normal bet amount.


With the above information, we hope players will understand more about Duo Bu Duo Cai. This game at first glance has an oriental style, both traditional style in form and very modern mode of operation. Duo Bu Duo Cai is the necessary choice for those who are passionate about the fish table game genre. If players like it, the website has many other attractive products and offers waiting for players to join. Thank you players for taking care of us!