Where To Play Fishing Warrior Online Real Money

Fishing Warrior is one of the attractive games, available at online casinos and chosen by many players. Coming to Fishing Warrior online, players will be immersed in the vast ocean world, colorful, diverse fish species. Depending on the player’s ability, the more fish shot down, the greater the reward received.

Where To Play Fishing Warrior Online Real Money

What Is Fishing Warrior?

Fishing Warrior is one of the fish tables online that receive a lot of support from players. The game is currently available at our online casino system and comes with instructions and participation experience.

Fishing Warrior Online owns a beautiful interface, many new fish icons, 3D technology creates realism. In addition, players also have the opportunity to receive many more valuable gifts. For special creature hunts, players have a chance to receive treasures worth 1800 times more. Players can freely choose different hunting features and ranks.

The Law Of Fishing Warrior

Initially, when participating in Fishing Warrior Online, players are provided with 10 bullets by the system. The bullets have different bet levels, depending on the player’s selection.

Players will receive prizes corresponding to the type of fish they destroy. If the bullets are thrown into the interface board, then the bullets will bounce back in the direction the fish moves, until the fish is destroyed.

How To Play Fishing Warrior Online

The rules of playing Fish game of the versions are similar. Players who regularly participate in Fish table games are certainly familiar with how to play. For newcomers, the system will help players understand the features, how to use bullets and weapons. In addition, the casino also has a demo version, players do not need to deposit money and can still experience it here.

All the players need to care about is aiming and shooting accurately individual creatures or in groups. The player’s reward is proportional to the number of fish hunted.

Players who join the fish hunt must first have an official account at online casino, make a deposit and start playing. The system has 3 levels for players to choose from:

  • Newbie: This is a level for new players and can be bet with the lowest from 0.1 to 10.
  • Expert: This is a level suitable for players who have a lot of experience and want to increase the reward value when playing the game. Bets from 1 to 100 are bets players can use.
  • Warrior: This is considered the highest level of play only for masters of shooting fish. Players can bet from 10 to 100 when choosing this level of play.

Payment Rate

The reason why Fishing Warrior is loved by many players is because of its high reward value and many attractive rewards:

  • Shark Cannon: During the game, if the player receives a shark cannon, the player has a chance to get 30 free bullets. If the number of fish the player shoots has a coefficient of less than 10, the player receives a random reward 2 to 5 times. For shark cannons larger than 10, the chance to receive rewards has a higher value.
  • Depth Charge Bullets: Players have a chance to receive a reward 5 times the bet value of the bullet. Or 30 free bullets if the player hunts Depth Charge Bullets during the game. Each bullet is purchased with real money, so players must learn and use real bullets properly, avoiding wasting bullets.
  • Goldfish: Players get blue or gold gems if they catch a goldfish. Each time the bubble appears, the player receives a reward up to 300 times.
  • Weapons: Players have a chance to receive a bonus worth 15 times the bet amount if they catch Depth Charge Bullets.


Fishing Warrior is really an attractive online fish table game that deserves support from players. The game has a sophisticated design, sharp and vivid images, We believes that game is the right choice for all players here. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive rewards when joining Fishing Warrior online at the our website!