Crazy Fishing – How To Play Crazy Fishing Online For Real Money

Crazy Fishing is one of the popular online versions of Fish table games that many players love. To participate in this game, players need to use coins to buy weapons, hunt fish and receive rewards. The rewards players receive will be converted into money and can be withdrawn to personal bank accounts. Crazy Fishing is a new version online fish tables, the utilities are upgraded, the images and sounds are very realistic. Players can visit the vast ocean world, vast with countless different creatures.

The game speed has many levels, suitable for many players. Players, whether participating by mobile or computer, are guaranteed a connection, fast speed, no lag. We believes that Crazy Fishing will bring players great experiences

Crazy Fishing - How To Play Crazy Fishing Online

The Version Demo Of Crazy Fishing

  • Coins: *5000000
  • Product 1: Freeze *5
  • Product 2: Target Lock *5
  • Betting Level: 100-9900

The Symbols Of Crazy Fishing

  • Large colorful circle: Refers to a large school of fish, or many types of fish forming a group. Players can both destroy any fish and chase other fish.
  • Large blue, purple circle: Signals a big win for the player, or a surprise target message has appeared. At that point the player can hunt multiple targets at once.
  • Skull: If the player owns this symbol, the player can destroy all creatures on the screen. At that time, the player earns a huge bonus.
  • Pink Fireworks: This type of firecracker has extremely large energy, players have a chance to receive cannons if they kill a few special fish species. In addition, the player receives double coins if the fish is destroyed by the firecracker.
  • Copper shells: If the player has a need to increase ammo, get a lot of coins, the player should collect a lot of copper shells. This weapon has a destructive power between 5 and 50. Besides, the rewards are also extremely attractive.
  • Silver Shells: Players have the ability to win many coins if they collect silver shells, target-locking ammo and freezing ammo. These weapons have extremely large destructive power, from 5 to 100. Players only need to use these weapons, ensuring a large number of fish will be destroyed.
  • Gold Seashells: The destructive power of golden seashells ranges from 100 to 150. So the player collects as much as possible. Be bold to use this weapon, the reward in return is extremely attractive.
Crazy Fishing

How To Play Crazy Fishing Game 

Players just need to follow the steps below to participate in Crazy Fishing.

  • Step 1: Log in to your account on our website. If players do not have an account, please contact the service staff for registration assistance.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your account.
  • Step 3: Choose the version of Fish table game online

On our website there are many versions of Fish game. Players click on the category, a series of games will appear, players choose “Crazy Fishing”

The player clicks “Play” to start the game.

  • Step 4: Join the game

Then the game interface will appear, the player chooses the appropriate form and bet level. Next, the player buys weapons, destroys fish according to the strategy set out earlier.

At the end of the game, the player receives payment based on the bonus points earned.

If you want to improve your shooting fish game skills, increase your chances of winning, players can refer to more information about this game on our system.


Crazy Fishing is a game that is not too difficult, really suitable for those who are new to the fish table game. Players have a wide choice of weapons and bet levels when participating in Crazy Fishing. We will support players at any time if players have a need. Quickly register to join at our website, receive immediately $ 20 welcome bonus for new members. Wish players have moments of great experience.