Interesting About Higgs Ocean War Online Fish Tables For Real Money

With the hope of providing players with a quality betting environment and new products. Our website has provided Higgs Ocean War – another version of Fish table online game. This game promises to bring players a new and unique experience that has never been seen before.

Higgs Ocean War Online Fish Tables

What Is Higgs Ocean War?

Higgs Ocean War is one of the most popular and addictive fish table games in the world today. To win this game, players must use all the skills of quick hands, ingenuity and build appropriate tactics. During the game, the player must observe and aim the target prey to shoot accurately. Each prey brings a different level of bonuses and increases the player’s combat ability. With simple gameplay and eye-catching graphics, since its launch, Higgs Ocean War has become a feverish phenomenon in the online community and reached the top 100 most searched game genres of the year.

Higgs Ocean War can be played on any device, from computers, televisions to mobile phones. Coming to Higgs Ocean War, players can unleash and immerse themselves in the battle of hunting rare animals with extremely large rewards.

Overview The Higgs Ocean War

  • Interface: Designed with 100% 3D graphics, bringing a realistic feeling to the player. The hunting space creates drama, tension to the point of suffocation. The system invests in sound, even the smallest details have dramatic effects, players can hardly be distracted.
  • Reward: The payout is higher than games of the same type. Each animal will have a different value. This increases the attraction, players have a strong sense of wanting to conquer.
  • New feature: The functions of continuous shooting or shooting with Boomerang bullets are completely free without losing money. Players only need to have coins in their account, all in-game features are activated to help you maximize their ability.
Overview The Higgs Ocean War

The Law Of Higgs Ocean War

In the Higgs Ocean War game, players will play the role of a diver, possessing a powerful weapon – the magic gun. With this weapon, players can shoot any type of creature to bring their own rewards.

To adjust the gun direction, the player must move the mouse on the target and click on the prey. Each shot fired, the player will be deducted a certain amount, this number will be displayed on the top of the gun in the blue frame.

The interface frame below shows the possible number of coins that the player can use to hunt the target. Two buttons “+” and “-” help the player increase or decrease the amount in a bullet respectively. This means that the player can increase or decrease the attack power of each shot.

Along the right side of the playing interface are the shooting modes that the player can use suitable for each prey, including:

  • Auto: Continuous shooting function. Players only need to aim, the bullet will automatically shoot out consecutively to destroy the prey.
  • Aim: Intermittent shooting function. With this function, the player needs to click again for the new bullet to be fired to ensure that no bullets are wasted.
  • Explosive: Explosive shooting mode. When clicking on this mode, instead of bullets, the player’s gun will shoot explosives with great destructive power. At the same time, the attack area is wider to destroy as many prey as possible. Therefore, the number of coins the player loses corresponding to an attack is also much larger than the bullet.
  • Boomerang: boomerang shooting mode. Just like the Explosive mode, instead of bullets, the player’s gun will destroy the prey with the most powerful boomerang.

During the game, players also have the opportunity to receive lucky money with many attractive gifts to help in the process of killing prey. There are many rare creatures: sea turtles, dragons, hammerhead sharks,…

Each type of animal has a different coin value and reward that makes players extremely excited. The hunt will take many rounds, the later the level of play becomes more difficult, making it the most sought-after Higgs Ocean War game this year.

Similar to Ocean King or Five Dragon Fishing versions, our system allows players to participate in Ocean Fishing on both computers and mobile devices. Players can update the latest version of Ocean King at the our website.


With the above sharing, surely Higgs Ocean War will become the hottest game this year. Our system hopes that players will support and accompany each other. Good luck players!