Terminology Of Fish Table Game Online Players Need To Know

Fish table game online is no longer a strange betting product for the betting community. The special thing that makes the fish game popular is that it is possible to receive real money bonuses. However, to improve the ability to win and receive many rewards, players not only understand the rules of the game but also have the most basic knowledge. The following article will introduce players to the terms of the fish table game online.

Learn About Fish Table Games To Get Real Money

Players must be very familiar with fish table products at online casinos. This version gives players convenience, taking advantage of more time to bet. Players can freely customize weapons and destroy creatures at will. The way to join online makes it easier for players, suitable for many audiences and ages when playing games.

The player’s reward after each bet is coins. Players use bonus coins to convert into real money. In order to withdraw this amount, players need to have a bank account, account information in accordance with the betting account holder at the website system.

In addition, in the fish table game, players can also participate in the Jackpot. The interesting point here is the extremely large bonus amount, which is calculated exponentially for each win. Therefore, players are very interested in this reward and the number of participants is increasing.

Terms About Fish Table Game For Players

Fully grasping the terms when participating in the game will help players understand the rules of the game, more convenient in the process of participating. Players get a good foundation, avoid confusion leading to unjustified loss of money. Here are the terms in the fish table game players need to know

  • Bonus Game: Used to refer to cases where the player receives additional rewards, or wins a special prize. Depending on the product, players can get cash or extra free spins.
  • Coin Level: The term used to refer to the amount of coins a player wants to bet. Total amount = bet amount per row x lines.
  • Wild: When the player completes a winning combination, a symbol will appear, which can be used in place of other symbols.
  • Extra Wild: Symbol appears when the player receives additional rewards or bonus features while playing the game.
  • Expanding Wild: This term means that the player can create combinations if he wants to win. To put it simply, it is the feature that adds the bonus amount while playing the game.
  • Free Spin: If the player gets this term, the player has a chance to get a big bonus after one spin at no extra cost.
  • Multiplier: The rate applied to the player’s win, can get double or multiple times the bonus amount.
  • Progressive Jackpot: When a player gets a huge bonus, this symbol will appear. This is the biggest reward in the game, if the player wins, it is considered an all kill.
  • Scatter: If this symbol appears in any row, the player receives the reward in that row.
  • Silver Coin: This is the amount of coins the player gets each time they successfully hunt fish, the bigger the fish, the more coins. For example a small fish is only 1 cent, but for larger fish it can be 10 or even 100 cents.
  • Gold Coin: Only appears when the player uses a single bullet to defeat the big fish. Depending on the game system, maybe 1 gold coin is equal to 3 silver coins or more.
  • Boss/Fairy/Shark/Golden Dragon: These are the most anticipated creatures in the game, because it brings extremely large bonuses. Depending on the game, these large creatures will have different names. The common feature is that they are all precious, rare and difficult to destroy.
  • Good: How to shoot effectively, collect coins for players.
  • Perfect: A bullet has a fast chance of killing fish.
  • Combo: One bullet kills multiple targets at once.
  • X2: It appears randomly, signaling when the player gets double coins if he successfully kills the fish.
  • Treasure: Refers to treasures or rare items in the game. When Treasure appears, players have the ability to receive a huge amount of coins and many other items of great value.


Whether players participate in online fish table or any game, players should take the time to understand it. The terms above contribute to a more solid player’s betting base, increasing his chances of earning more bonus points. Hope the website’s article helps players in the process of participating in the fish table game!