What is Jackpot? How to to win Jackpot

When you play at the casino, every time you lose, a part of your money is put into the prize called Jackpot. It means that if the next player wins, the amount of money will be higher because of your money added. Slot Game players can receive Jackpot rewards, really great value than online fish tables and card games.

What is Jackpot?

Jackpot is understood as a game where every time the player loses, the amount that the player loses will be added to the total value of that jackpot game. This amount is accumulated until there have winner, meaning that the last winning player will receive all the big money depending on how many previous players have accumulated.

The amount of jackpot bonuses is accumulated, accumulating from bet losers over time. At the end, the luckiest person will receive the full set of bonuses. Because of the large bonus level, the probability of winning the Jackpot is not high. However, the amount of money players spend to pursue this reward, when received, is definitely worth the effort.

Jackpot also the terms applied in many games of chance, such as lottery or slot machine, fish tables online. Besides, there are many games with jackpot features such as Poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

Common types Jackpot in game

  • Local Jackpot: This is the bonus of games belonging to any online casino. This bonus amount is created by accumulating multiple player bets. Local Jackpot has a not too great value, players who want to receive rewards must be an official member of that online casino.
  • Network Jackpot: This type is more advanced than the Local Jackpot, the form of participating and receiving rewards is called the Connection Jackpot or the Network Jackpot.

Network Jackpot is the sum of money accumulated from all players in that tournament. Usually, the tournament will be organized by the online casino for players. The tournaments are often mentioned such as: NetEnd’s Hall of Gods …

The bonus value of Network Jackpot is extremely large, much larger than Local Jackpot. Therefore, Network Jackpot always has a great attraction for players. Besides, the larger the number of participants, the higher the reward will be

  • Fixed Jackpot: This Jackpot is often called by players with a more common name than Fixed Jackpot. By this type the prize for the winner is fixed. The amount of bonus players receive will not depend on the money of the participating members.
  • Progressive Jackpot: This is the progressive Jackpot that is often mentioned by players. When participating in this form, the amount of the bonus will increase after each member makes a bet. This means that a player’s deposit into a product is partially accrued to the reward for subsequent participations.

How to get Jackpot in fish table game

Similar to the Jackpot of other lottery or slot machine, players when participating in fish tables online, players want to receive the jackpot, they must have some experience. Winning is not only due to your ability, playing skills, but also your own strategy and luck.

Players learn about how to decimate symbols to get Jackpot.

In the fish game versions will appear many different species of creatures. Each fish will be worth from x5 to x2000 respectively from the original bet. The player who successfully destroys will receive the Jackpot prize of the fish game game.

For example, in Golden Dragon online fish table game, there is a Dragon symbol special. This Symbol has value up to 2000 times player’s stake. As long as the player shoots down that target, the game’s jackpot bonus will belong to the player.

How to get Jackpot slot game

Jackpot in slot games is similar to fish game, players will encounter a table with 5 columns and 3 rows containing different symbols. Below the table there will be boxes to set the bonus value. Players place bets based on the bet level per line and other announcement lines for the player to choose.

Players only need to perform a few simple steps to participate in the Jackpot. All the player needs to do is click the spin button, the automaton will spin straight down and stop at the same time. If there are three identical shapes in the table from left to right, the player has won and collected a big rewards.

Things to know if you want to win Jackpot

  • Players know the rules of Jackpot

To win, you must first understand the game, how it is conducted, the meaning of each symbol and the number of bonus points corresponding to them. There are also bonuses, participation time to be effective. If the player does not know how to play, the rules to participate, the player’s money will be lost in a short time.

  • Max bet if jackpot

The bigger the player bets, the higher the chances of winning. As for the jackpots, players do not hesitate to spend large sums. The prize the player receives is calculated as a percentage of the player’s money.

  • Know when to stop when participating in Jackpot

If a player enters the Jackpot, do their best, win the bonus and the chance to continue playing. However when the player reaches a certain limit, the player should stop. If each player knows how to set limits for himself, the amount and the number of plays, that player has mastered the situation.

  • Strict account management

At least when participating in Jackpot, players must know how much money they have, how much they have spent in an hour. Controlling the amount of money played will help players calculate exactly when to win. In addition, good money management will minimize the amount of money lost and gain experience for the next game.


With the above information, hopefully players will better understand the definition of Jackpot as well as how to win the jackpot in online shooting. This product is currently available at most online casinos and is warmly welcomed by players. Good luck players, get extremely large bonus values!