King Octopus Fish Table Game App – Play Online for Real Money

How To Play King Octopus

King Octopus is a product of the fish table gamling game online real money genre of Ka Gaming, Currently We is the website that provides this game on the market.. This game has both demo and real play versions for a wide audience. Players participating in King Octopus will not be surprised with the graphics and new features of the game. So what is it about King Octopus that makes players love it so much? Follow us below to know more!

The Levels Of King Octopus

The King Octopus game is divided into three rooms, corresponding to three levels. Each level will have a different symbol. Players depend on their own strength to choose the appropriate rank and bet.

  • Bronze: Bet level from $0.01 to $0.10, symbol is turtle, new players should choose this level to join, low stakes, simple to play, easy to get used to the features.
  • Silver: Bets from $0.10 to $1.00, symbol is blue whale, players understand the rules of the game, want to bet bigger and get better rewards, upgraded features compared to Bronze level. However, it has not really made it difficult for many players.
  • Gold: A bet from $1.00 to $10.00, symbol is a golden octopus, for experienced players who regularly participate in the fish table game and consider it as a form of extra income. This is the most difficult rank to conquer and the highest stakes. In return, if you are lucky, you can get huge wins.

Rule Of Game

  • This is a multiplayer fishing game and each bullet path that the player fires will depend on the direction of the bullets.
  • When the bullets hit the game interface edge, it will be bounced until the bullet hits any fish and determines the game result.
  • Adjusting the bullets will not change the bullets that have been fired.
  • All wins are multiplied by the total bet.

The Features Of King Octopus

  • Jellyfish Sprites: Wins of this type will cause a chain reaction and kill a certain number of fishes on the screen.
  • Gunpowder Barrel: Wims of this type will cause a ranged explosion to kill a certain number of fishes on the screen.
  • Freeze Treasure Box: Wins the random prize up to 50x and all the fish on the screen become frozen and stop moving.
  • Drill Weapon: Get free of a unique drill with great attack power. During fire it will have the chance to capture the fishes along the trail path until it explodes.


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68x -138x
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If players want to find a product of the fish tables online genre for entertainment, players can try the game King Octopus. Hopefully the above information will make players curious and interested in the game. Wish players have the right choice!