Infinite Fighter – Discover The New Version Of The Plane Shooting Game

With the desire for players to have a more wonderful experience, our system provides Infinite Fighter – a game with a similar way to participate as an online fish table game. However the creatures in the game are replaced by fighters. To learn about this game, do not forget to follow the article below!

What Is Infinite Fighter ?

It can be said that Infinite Fighter is a game similar to a fish table game Hadilao or Five Dragon Fishing, the player instead of shooting fish will shoot the plane. The special thing that makes this game popular with many people because of the low initial bet, suitable for many players. For those who do not have much experience can have fun without spending too much money.

Infinite Fighter Rules

Players who want to join Infinite Fighter first need to understand the rules of the game. So during the game players will not be surprised and can make the correct decision.

Players when participating in Infinite Fighter will transform into pilots, fly fighters and defeat opponents to bring back huge bonuses. During the game, players can upgrade weapons, buy more new items. This will help the player to easily defeat the opponent.

If during the game, the player is suddenly disconnected,System will automatically return points and bullets to the player. So players do not need to worry when this situation occurs.

To ensure in the betting process, players should choose the Demo version. In this way, players do not need to put down their bets to still participate.

Weapons Of Infinite Fighter

  • In Infinite Fighter, there are aircraft types: Red plane, blue plane, purple plane and 3 types of bullets of the same color.
  • Bomb: If the bomb explodes, the player is given 10 more shots and all aircraft in the affected area will explode. At that time, players quickly shoot down the remaining planes to receive rewards.
  • Electric Cannon: The player has an additional 10 shots of artillery fire at enemy aircraft. Aircraft within range will also be affected, standing still until the explosion ends.

The Advantages Infinite Fighter

The game has beautiful, sharp 3D graphics, extremely realistic sound. Players seem lost in the battlefield in the air. The game’s graphics are both cute and thrilling, so even children are attracted and want to participate.

Infinite Fighter supports players participating on both iOS and Android operating systems. In addition, players can still participate by computer, table or laptop.

The winning rate in the game is also very high with the payout ratio being:

  • Airplanes are usually from 2x to 8x
  • Red robot: 50x-150x
  • Yellow robot: 50x-150x
  • Purple fighter: 800x
  • Airplane with boom – thunder symbol: 10x
  • The conversion rate in the game is 1 coin will be equivalent to 1 coin.


Above is the basic information about Infinite Fighter game. The system also has many other games with similar participation methods, players quickly access the system to experience. At the same time, if you register as an official member, you will immediately receive a $20 bonus value for the first time. Good luck players!