How To Cheat On Fish Table 2021?

How To Cheat On Fish Table 2021?

Online fish table are known as one of the extremely interesting betting platforms on the market today. When choosing a fish table, people will have the opportunity to experience an ocean world with many colorful fishes and many interesting prizes.

In order to increase your chances of winning, you can learn some more fish table tips and tricks and techniques from famous forums.

In fact, we get a lot of questions from players about “how to cheat on the fish table“, “fish table cheat device” , “fish table game cheats”. The truth is that there is no cheating in joining this game. If players want to win, players should apply fish table tips and tricks ​at our website. For example, the article below a few fish table game secrets.

#1: Take Note The Speed Of Fish

Each fish species that appears will have a different speed. Usually, big fish have a faster speed than small fish. Therefore, you can increase your chances of winning by killing small fish. However, small fish will receive small rewards, the bigger the fish, the higher the reward; so you need to make sure your ammo will be the last one to kill the fish. Because, a big fish needs a lot of bullets to destroy it. Therefore, to avoid wasting ammo, you need to pay attention to the speed of the fish. 

#2: Apply The Mustache Tactics

One of the ways to win on fish tables, you should apply the mustache strategy. In an online shooting fish game, you should take advantage of the small angles of the gun barrel. Then, you have to rotate the barrel continually and continuously fire 2 bullets so that the bullets are not in the same direction.

Remember to shoot slowly so that each bullet kills 1 fish. However, this method usually has a high probability of killing small fish. Because for big fish, you have to shoot more than 1 bullet to be able to destroy completely. 

#3: Apply Ballpoint

This is a tips capable of killing many fish, but quite expensive. To apply this trick, you have to aim at the wall, then wait for the bullet to bounce back and hit the fish. While the bullet is bouncing back, you continue to shoot 1 more bullet at that fish. At that time, the fish will be affected by both bullets and will die. 

#4: Apply Slow But Fast Shooting

You should slow down the fish that you’re aiming for instead of shooting the big fish which a lot of players shoot. This way, if the fish dies then the infected area will belong to you. At that time, you are free to destroy the fish in that area and will save a lot of ammo.

In case you shoot the big fish with many other players, you will definitely spend a large amount of ammo. But if you have less ammo, you will easily lose the bet. 

#5: Shoot Fish That Just Appear On The Table

You should calculate and aim as soon as the fish appears by adjusting the barrel. This way, you will easily kill a lot of fish. If you are lucky and can accurately calculate the probability of fish appearing, you just need to wait and start firing as soon as the fish comes out. 

#6: Don’t Shoot Hidden Fish

In the process of shooting fish, some types of fish hide under rocks or moss. If you can kill these fish, you will get the chance to have a bonus 20 or 30 times your coins. However, these fish are difficult to shoot and you will either waste ammo or lose.

Therefore, you should shoot the slow-moving small fish or wait for the hidden fish to emerge from the rocks or moss. This way, you will get a higher reward and get rid of 1 extra fish. 

#7: Shoot The Big Fish

In case you have enough capital to be able to kill sharks or big fishes, aim to shoot accurately in order not to waste any bullets! For each type of big fish destroyed, you will receive a bonus of 200 times your stake. To be able to kill big fish, you will usually have to spend several thousand coins for more than ten shots. Therefore, please consider carefully before deciding to shoot sharks or big fish! 

#8: Shoot The Single Fish

For small single fish, you can use medium or small bullets, aim properly at the target and only need to shoot 1 time. For bigger fish, you can shoot 2 times higher to kill. Remember, hit the target and shoot continuously until completely destroyed! 

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#9: Shoot The School Of Fish

When a crowded school of fish appears on the screen, use a certain amount of coins to shoot. You should aim accurately in the middle of the fish to kill more fish. The more fish, the more coins you get. 

Choose The Most Suitable Online Fish Table Game

Most online shooting fish game players want to have memorable entertainment moments as well as the opportunity to receive great prizes. However, not every player can easily win a regular game. This can cause players to get bored and switch to finding fun on another platform. 

To limit these problems, players should learn about the game before starting to participate in shooting fish. An interesting fish table game that you should pay attention to is the game has a beautiful interface design, sharp images, vivid sound and attractive prizes. You can try some online shooting fish games like: Ocean King, Golden Dragon ,etc.

Let’s choose a reputable, professional fish table game and high prize structure to start the betting experience! 


Above are some ways to help you to win on fish tables. Hopefully through these shares, you will be able to better understand this exciting game and be able to get the huge victories. Good Luck!