Fu Fish With Jackpot Bonus

Fu Fish is a game of the fish table games genre provided by the game manufacturer Skywind Group. In this game players have 3 modes to participate in. Each mode depends on the financial ability and betting skills of the player.

Fu Fish is a game with many animals, very vivid images, constantly changing on the screen to create interest. This is also a very realistic game depicting the ocean world, cheerful music and funny sound effects. This game is sure to bring many different and great experiences for players. Follow the article below if players intend to join Fu Fish at our website!

The Levels Of Fu Fish

  • Level 1: For beginners, inexperienced, low bets only from 1 to 9.
  • Level 2: Experienced players who have not been able to win big, moderate difficulty, suitable bets for everyone from 10 to 90.
  • Level 3: High bets, ranging from 100 to 1000, for players

The Rules Of Fu Fish

The main goal of the player when participating in Fu Fish is to kill fish and other creatures to receive rewards. Players just need to choose the right weapon, attack any target in many directions. The bullets if not hitting the fish and hitting the wall will bounce back. Then if the bullet hits a fish and a certain creature, the player will still receive a bonus.

Players can choose how to kill fish with many different actions on the screen. Before entering the game, the player must determine the bet size, the number of active guns and the firepower level.

Symbols And Payment In Fu Fish

In the game Fu Fish, players will encounter many different symbols, the payout method is not the same. Like small blue fish will have a bonus of x2, pink jellyfish a bonus of x7.

Besides, there are many other creatures with extremely attractive bonuses. Players can look up the paytable right at the menu in the game if they want to know their bonus level.

The Features Of Fu Fish

Levels of Guns: The difficulty is different, the fire level is not the same.

  • Gun 1: Bet 1-9 coins to activate 1 gun.
  • Gun 2: Bet 10-90 coins to activate 2 guns.
  • Gun 3: Bet 100-1000 coins to activate 3 guns.

Modes when playing

  • Auto Fire: Bullets will be automatically released in the direction the player selected previously. Bullets can also be activated by double-clicking on any empty space and can be disabled by clicking once on any space.
  • Target Lock: With this function, the gun will shoot according to the pre-selected target. No matter where the target moves, the gun will change direction. This feature is activated by double clicking on the fish. The player can deactivate it by clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • Bomb: By this feature it will explode the entire screen, except dragon the remaining creatures will be killed. Players can get 5x bonus, max win is x5000.


Fu Fish is a game with outstanding advantages, many functions to support players during participation. In addition to the information above, players can refer to the game in the guide list of Fu fish. Hope players will have a good experience and get high rewards at our website!