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Buffalo Thunder II is considered as one of the fish table game online real money products dominating the American market today. Besides the basic rules like other games, Buffalo Thunder II owns new features, giving players memorable experiences. Let’s find out more through the article below!

About Buffalo Thunder II Fish Game

Buffalo Thunder II is an online fish arcade game. When participating in this game, players will have the opportunity to experience a colorful ocean world and the opportunity to find extremely attractive treasures. To start the hunting journey, players need to choose weapons at the right level, aim accurately at the targets. Each type of fish is assigned a unique value, so the more fish you kill, the higher the odds of winning. In case the player can destroy the target within the allotted time, there will be a chance to receive a huge reward.

Symbols & Features


At Buffalo Thunder II, players will be able to experience an ocean world with a variety of creatures. Most of the symbols here are designed to be realistic and eye-catching, giving players the best experience:

  • King Crab

As soon as King crab appears and you destroy it, there will be a lightning strike that destroys all fish appearing on the screen.

  • Buffalo

Players will use strings of weapons and bullets to destroy Buffalo. At that time, Buffalo will switch to a battle state, every time Buffalo hits, it will receive a high score. In case Buffalo is captured, it will become Buffalo thunder, attack stronger and bring higher rewards.

  • Mermaids

If you destroy the Mermaids, you will be able to summon the Eight Waves of Mermaids and attack other fish. In this way, the player will be able to increase his win rate.

  • Laser crab

As soon as you receive the Laser crab, the player can use its laser to destroy all other sea creatures.

  • Mystic Dragon

Dragon appearing will help players improve their chances of winning and getting more bets.


Players can increase their chances of winning and win great rewards by applying the latest features:

  • Flaming Phoenix

As soon as this creature appears, the player will receive a reward of great value.

  • Fire Dragon Turtle

This feature allows on-screen spins to kill fish and gives players a chance to collect thousands of bonus coins.

  • Vortex Fish

This feature will create a powerful tornado in any area and quickly destroy the fish that are present there.

  • Laser

The laser will destroy any fish or creatures in its path.

  • Super bomb

Players can get maximum points with this feature because it can create a big explosion.

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