How To Play “Tiến Lên” Online

“Tiến Lên ” Online is a card game using a 52-card deck, in which 3 spades are the smallest and 2 hearts are the largest. In this game, each player will be dealt 13 cards, playing against each other until the cards are exhausted. The player who runs out of cards first will be the winner.

“Tiến Lên” Online originated in Vietnam, this game has many variations, serving the styles of players in two regions: South and North. “Tiến Lên” Online is considered a simple card game with a high probability of winning. However, if players want to receive a large bonus, improve their chances of winning, players must know how to calculate, analyze and apply the right strategy. The following article will guide in detail how to play “Tien Len” Online in the South. If players want to participate, don’t forget to follow the article below!

Tiến Lên” Online

The Rules Of “Tiến Lên” Online

Each game “Tiến Lên” Online has a maximum of 4 participants. Each player before starting will proceed to bet according to the minimum and maximum levels set by the online casino.

  • Each player is given 13 cards by the system. The player with 3 spades will play first, the next players will be in clockwise order. On the 2nd hand and the hands after that, the player who wins first in the previous game will go first.
  • The person following will use cards of higher value to block the card of the first person. The game will end when 3 out of 4 players play all 13 cards, the remaining person who has not run out of cards will come last.

If the player while playing the card cannot stop the card of the previous player, the player can skip the round. The player starting a new round can play any card to continue the turn. If the time has elapsed and the player does not draw a card, the system will automatically select the card with the smallest value among the player’s cards.

Order of Cards

Cards have the following order: 2> A> K>Q>J> 10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3

Order of suits in the game: Hearts > Diamonds > Clubes > Spades.

Ranking of cards of “Tien Len” Online

  • 1 card: single card
  • 2 cards of the same value: Pair
  • 3 cards with the same score: Three of a Kind
  • 4 cards of consecutive value
  • 3 pairs with consecutive values
  • 4 cards of equal value: Four of a Kind
  • 4 pairs with consecutive values

The player will win absolutely if the 13 cards

  • Cards continuously from 3 to A, regardless of suit.
  • There are 6 pairs with consecutive values, no need to have the same suit.
  • There are 5 pairs with consecutive values, no need for the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind 2.

Different From “Tiến Lên” Online Of The North And The South

  • The Same

When comparing “Tien Len” North and South, we go to find out the similarities first. “Tien Len” is a Vietnamese way of playing card games, played by two to four people. This game usually uses a Western deck of cards to play and is similar to the way of playing Big Two in Western countries. With the feature of killing penalty but containing fun elements, “Tien Len” has brought players great relaxing moments. Both styles of play in the North and South use a Western deck of 52 cards, played from two to four people in a counter-clockwise direction.

  • The Different
  • “Tiến Lên” the North

The rules of the way to play “Tien Len” in the North are very strict, forcing players to follow the same suit, the same color. For example, of the same color, red has to go with red, black goes with black like pair of 5 red or a pair of 5 black. The same substance is diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs that go together. If playing in pairs or straight, it must be consecutive cards and the same suit.

Card 2 always has the greatest value and card number 2 or pair of 2 is allowed to play any single card or pair. Four of a Kind can pick 2 or pair of 2 but absolutely must not leave the last 2 or it will be counted as rotten 2 and the player will lose.

With “Tiến Lên” the North, the game ends when the last person has cards in hand to determine the winner or loser.

  • “Tiến Lên” the South
  • When participating in the “Tiến lên” of the South, players are more comfortable and less have to think too much. Do not play in the same suit, same color and 3 pairs in a row can chop 2, Four of a Kind can chop 3 pairs in a row, 4 pairs in a row can chop a pair of 2 or Four of a Kind.
  • The division of winners and losers in the game is also more comfortable, as long as one of the four players runs out of cards first, the game is considered over. First, second, third or last place will be calculated according to the remaining cards of each person.


Just now all the basic information of “Tien Len” online. Players who want to participate must first learn the rules of the game, the northern or southern styles. hopefully the article will help players and support players a lot in the process of participating in betting.