Shenlong Fishing – How To Play Shenlong Fishing Online Fish Table

Online fish table is a highly entertaining game that is extremely loved by players. Especially when players participate in the online version of shooting fish at our website, players also earn a large amount of money when “harvesting” a lot of fish.

One of the latest versions of the main system is Shenlong Fishing. Players will be involved in a well-rounded environment from form to product quality. Currently, the game is sought after by many members in the system. To understand more about this game, players do not miss the article below!

Shenlong Fishing Online Fish Table

The Levels Of Shenlong Fishing

  • Newbie: 500-50000
  • Medium: 5000- 50000
  • Royal : 50000- 2500000 VND

Payment Of Shenlong Fishing

  • When the player destroys the small fish, the reward the player receives ranges from x2 to x15.
  • If the player successfully kills the large fish, the bonus amount the player receives is in the range of x18 -x100
  • For special animals like Dragon Ball, the player bonus increases up to x50 -x150
  • Boss is the target that gives players the most bonuses from x100 to x500

Symbols Of Shenlong Fishing

  • Dragon Ball: When Dragon Ball appears, players who cooperate with each other will receive a bonus, the chance to win the player’s bets from 50 -150 times until the Dragon ball leaves.
  • Boss: Appears on the screen, players with the opportunity to cooperate will get money from the treasure, the chance to win 100-500 times more bets until the Boss leaves.
  • Lucky draw: During the game, each time a player collects 7 Dragon Balls, the lucky draw can be activated. Can choose either a fixed multiplier or a random bonus game up to 150x until the Dragon ball leaves.
  • Incentive Bonus Game 1: If the player catches the Dragon Ball or when the lucky draw is activated, the player has a chance to trigger additional game rewards, the highest can be won 200 times.
  • Incentive Bonus Game 2: Same as the first time, but the top prize is 777 times.
  • Dragon God: Can only be obtained through sweepstakes, when luck is activated. Depending on the luck of each player, the maximum can be won 3000 times.
  • Special Weapons:
  • Machine Gun: Can get 10x base set rate and get 20-1000 rounds of random free bullets. If the player uses the free bullets to hit the machine gun again, the player can accumulate a maximum bullets of 999 rounds.
  • Head Drill: Players can get 10x base set rate and get 1 extra free head drill shot. After firing there will be a chance to catch any fish on the route until it explodes.
  • Electromagnetic Gun: Player can have 10x base multiplier, get 1 extra free Electromagnetic Gun shot. After the player shoots out there is a chance to catch any fish in range, until the stun gun ends.
  • Time Bomb: 5x base multiplier can be obtained, instantly pausing all fish on the screen until the effect ends.


With detailed information about Shenlong Fishing products, we hope players understand more about the game and have great moments. Do not forget to refer to more skills and tactics about Fish game in the system to increase the possibility of victory. Good luck players!