RTP Slot Game – Everything Players Need To Know About RTP

RTP is a concept often mentioned in Slot games? So for a new player, what does RTP mean? What role does it play when the player joins that game? The following article will explain to players things about RTP

What Is RTP Rate?

RTP stands for Return To Player. This term is used to describe the percentage of the entire bet on a slot game that can be refunded to the player, within a certain period of time.

RTP is calculated based on the number of spins of the game. The larger the number of spins, the higher the percentage of RTP the player receives.

For example, the slot game you join has an RTP rate of 98%. Then this game will refund you $98 if you bet $100.

RTP’s Algorithm

The algorithm of RTP is quite complex. Players can understand this ratio inversely with the difficulty of the game. Game manufacturers must calculate carefully, so that a slot game has many features, the payouts will bring the most accurate percentage.

Each Slot game will have its own programming, the amount of refund the player can receive must match the percentage of the game. Players who want to get better payouts should stay in the game for a long time.

How To Calculate RTP  Ratio

For example, a player chooses a Slot game with an RTP rate of 96%. Thus, players will be able to receive $96 for each $100 bet. Based on the allotted time of the game and the system, the player will receive the appropriate payout. If the player wants to get the highest payout, the player must complete more than 100,000 spins. Therefore, players need to prepare enough bet capital before participating in the game. That’s how you get the right amount from the RTP rate.

Some Things Players Should Note About RTP

  • Online casino

Different products will have different RTP rates. So when players participate in betting at an online casino, players need to choose their favorite product. Players should think carefully, choose the right reliable game provider. In fact, there are many online casinos that make players bet automatically. Regardless of whether the game has a high or low RTP, players have the potential to lose between 1 and 2% of their bet.

  • Slot volatility

Each Slot game will have its own fluctuations. This volatility number can range from 1 to 10. It is easier for players to win in games with low odds. However, this means that players will receive a low payout.

Games with high volatility will offer players higher payouts. However, it is not often refunded, which is difficult for players to receive. So players need to think carefully before deciding to bet on a game. If the player wants to win the jackpot, invest in a game with small volatility, accumulating money exponentially.

  • Hit Frequency

Hit frequency is an indicator that shows how often positions have a chance to win. However, this frequency only applies to players who have completed at least tens of thousands of spins. Players cannot find any information about this frequency at their favorite slot game.

Slot games players are participating in are only allowed online casinos and publishers display the RTP rate. Also there isn’t any technical information about the game. Players do not forget to notice a few details of hit frequency in the terms and conditions of the game they love.

Some Players Need to Know About RTP

Players who do not learn carefully about RTP will have misunderstandings about this definition. To clear up these misunderstandings, players should follow the details below!

  • Irrelevant RTP rate in a spin

Depending on the needs of each person, this opinion can be right or wrong. Because every turn of a player can happen anything. As well as the actual RTP rate of the game, it may not be true either way

The average player will choose games with an RTP rate of more than 96% instead of those with only an 85% rate. So players should learn and choose the games carefully. This helps players increase their chances of winning.

  • Do most of the RTP rates belong to the online casino?

This is extremely misleading thinking, online casinos are only responsible for providing games to players, just hardware, not software. These games are produced by famous game publishers. Therefore, the dealer cannot access the system, changing the game’s RTP rate. Slot game information is stored on the server of the publisher. Players can join a few different variations, game settings cannot be changed.


With the information shared about RTP, players can better understand what they mean in games. From there, players can choose a more suitable game. Use the knowledge from the system in the most effective way. Find out even more interesting information on the website today!