Fishing King – How To Play Fishing King Online For Real Money

Fishing King is currently a game that attracts a large number of visitors on onlinefishtable. This game is both simple and has many attractive rewards. Any player who has ever participated in Fishing King will love and enjoy it. The following article will help players better understand Fishing King!

What Is Fishing King?

Fishing King is developed by Pragmatic, version of the fish table game online. This game is released by the major game maker Pragmatic Play. Players when participating in Fishing King must equip a lot of weapons, learn how to use them. Bonuses received by players can be withdrawn to personal accounts. Depending on the number of fish the player kills, they will receive a bonus of corresponding value.

The Rules Of Fishing King


In Fishing King, players will encounter more than 30 different species of fish. Depending on their size and movement, they will have different bonus values.

For small fish such as clown fish, small octopus, lantern fish, jellyfish, swordfish, puffer fish, small turtle: The level of rewards players can receive ranges from 2x to 20x.

For larger fish, with strong damage, players can get bonuses from 30x (golden jellyfish), 40x (stingray), 60x (golden shark), 80x (blue shark).

The special symbols

Horse Symbol: Bonus value from 40 to 100x.

Thunder Symbol: Bonus value from 50 to 120x.

Treasure: Players can get bonuses from 100x to 150x.

Gold Bars: Bonuses worth from 100 to 200 times the player’s stake.

Giant puffer fish: Huge bonus, players can get 150x bonus compared to the original bet.

King Dragon: When encountering this character, each player’s bullet will receive 200x the bet bonus.

Gold Dragon: 250 to 400x is the bet bonus for lucky players to hunt the golden dragon.

Weapons in Fishing King

There are 3 types of fortresses:

  •  1 – 9 beginner/cannon points (this is the most basic firecracker in the fishing king).
  •  10 – 100 elite points/cannon (this is a medium-range cannon in this game).
  • 100 – 1000 king points/cannon.

Levels also include 3 types:

  • Beginner level: shoot 1 bullet with damage of 1 – 9 points.
  • Elite level: shoot 2 bullets with damage of 10-100 points
  • War god level: shoot 3 bullets with damage of 100 – 1000 points.

Notes When Joining Fishing King

  • If during the bubble appears, the player kills all the fish of the same type in the bubble. The amount of bonus players receive is from 1 to 6 times the normal bonus.
  • If you have a lot of experience participating in fish table games, players should focus on killing medium and large fish, their reward is 10% to 20% higher than that of small fish. These fish often hide under moss, players must observe carefully.
  • If the player’s goal is a big fish, the player should only spend about 5 bullets. If the number of bullets exceeds the initial limit, the player should stop and change the target.


Fishing king is a popular fish shooting game today. This game has a simple way to play, easy to understand rules, easy to manipulate, both an entertaining game and a high opportunity to redeem. Our website also has many promotional codes and updated strategic content. Players should refer to it to increase their chances of receiving rewards and improve their chances of winning!