How To Play Bingo

The origin of Bingo is from the West, then gradually spread to many other countries. In a word, this game has a nature of chance, players cannot interfere with the outcome, but only rely on their own luck. Currently, Bingo has appeared online version and is available on many websites, if players want to participate, they must understand this game well. Follow the article below to better understand Bingo!

What Is Bingo?

In Bingo, players will use cards to participate, cards are randomly numbered. Dealer’s task is to draw 1 card at random, then shout. If the number the Dealer reads matches the number appearing on the player’s card, the player will tick it. If on the player’s card, the numbers are marked according to a certain pattern, be it a straight line, a horizontal line or a diagonal and there must be 5 numbers, the player wins. Then they will shout Bingo loudly for the whole group to know!

The numbers on the cards will be arranged differently, not matching between cards.

  • For the US Bingo market, the common pattern is 75 balls, each card contains 25 random numbers, the cards are printed as 5 columns and 5 rows.
  • For the UK Bingo market there are a total of 90 balls, each card containing 15 random numbers. Includes 3 rows and 9 columns and 5 random numbers that determine the player’s victory will form a specific pattern.

Basic Rules Of Bingo

Each player will receive 1 card at the start of the game, this card is known as the Bingo board. Cards consist of squares containing words, phrases or pictures. All the cards that the player receives have the same tiles with the same content, just different in the order of the tiles.

The system will proceed to dial the gearbox and the Dealer will shout the numbers when it hits it. Players proceed to mark the numbers if it matches the number on the card they are holding.

The player who owns a card that appears 5 consecutive numbers, calculated in a vertical or horizontal row, sometimes even diagonally, will be considered to be in the same line. The player who owns all 5 lines will shout Bingo loudly, this is also considered the winner.

Types Of Bingo Versions

In general, how to play Bingo is relatively simple and there are many variations of Bingo bets appearing on the online betting market. This change makes the game interesting, making players not bored. Here are a few forms of entertainment based on the Bingo version:

  • Instead of players marking numbers, they will solve calculations and then find the correct number.
  • Players can also mark with pictures, puzzles or actions, animals,…
  • Another type of Bingo bets according to each topic, detailed on the cards such as: movie themes, history, culture, physics, … From there, players can both entertain and strengthen their knowledge.

Today, players can participate in Bingo anywhere, anytime, not necessarily every player has to own a piece of paper. Players can also use mobile to bet Bingo. The form of betting is no different from online casino games, besides entertainment, players can also earn more personal income.

Joining Bingo at the website is similar to playing Keno. The form of betting and receiving rewards is also based on numbers. Players who win will receive rewards from the system, otherwise they will lose their bets.


Bingo is a highly entertaining, simple and easy to understand game. Players can participate in Bingo anytime, anywhere with only 1 mobile device. Before participating in Bingo, players also do not forget to learn information about this game, refer to the strategies and experience of previous players. Especially, players do not forget to look for a high-quality, reputable online casino to join. Good luck players!